Bieber Fever

Bieber Fever

Time for me to take on a subject that is highly important and that has implications for all of us, BIEBER FEVER!

As you could have guessed, yes, I am kidding. I have no particular like, dislike or anything else for that matter, for or against, the guy. Does he get WAY more media attention (as well as all those other high-profile celebs) then he should? Yes. Is his cultish shrieking fan base of lil spoiled brats that will eat up anything that the recording industry will throw at them, annoying? Yes. Though ive grown to expect no less from a society that considers “Gangnam Style” or “The Harlem Shake” as GOOD music (yeah. I hate most modern pop/hip hop/rap).

But that said, I acknowledge he has something that people obviously like, even if I don’t see it, so who cares. He has absolutely NO affect on my life what so ever, nor does his music. Because I make the choice of listening to almost anything BUT, and not really paying any attention to the media coverage. And even when it comes to bands that I am a fan of and love, its interesting to know whats going on, to a degree.

Is Marilyn Manson coming out with a new album?

Did Three Days Grace really break up?

Are  Disturbed and Slayer REALLY coming to Winnipeg?

That for me, is more or less the amount of news I find interesting, when it comes to celebs I follow. Do I follow my favorite celebs on Twitter? Yes.

Have I liked there facebook pages? Yes.

I did that, mainly because its neat to be able to interact with those people. To give them a shout out and a compliment (the best ones, are the celebs that actually interact with there fan base, mainly Twitter).

I don’t need coverage of every single moment of there lives, both inside and outside the home. I don’t need to see what (or who) they did, as well as where and why, on TMZ or E-talk daily every night. Because like the lives of the reporters doing the reporting, I just don’t care.

But as it stands, I seem to be in the minority when it comes to this sort of thing. Especially with Justin Bieber. As hardly a day goes by where I do not hear or see the name come up, somewhere. Be it on a newscast, in a magazine or newspaper I happen to be reading, a random tweet from a news organization, or elsewhere.

It seems that fans do not just want to see him in there favorite music videos or at concerts, but they also need to know EVERYTHING that’s happening in his life to. This was made really obvious as of recently, when it was found out that he smoked a joint (apparently. I didn’t bother fact checking this media assumption because frankly, I DON’T CARE!).

Look at the shit storm that caused. People and kids everywhere, wagging there fingers and saying “BAD BOY!”. Despite the fact that, its a hell of a lot safer to have a toke then it is to drink alcohol.

And look at one of the ramifications of that. Though initially the act of an idiot hacker group, the whole #cutforbieber hashtag went viral, as kids everywhere somehow felt that cutting themselves would make Justin Bieber feel bad about smoking a joint.

Good GOD. I can’t imagine what they would have done if he would have done a line of coke LOL.

Although, One could say, this is not surprising. Though the infatuation with him SEEMS ridicules at the moment, he was not the first celebrity to go though this, and is not going to be the last either.

The amazing thing is the flip side to the loving, screaming fans. The bieber HATER’S.

If there is one category of people that I do not understand, it is these guys. Not so much the people that hate his music or him just because, but more, the ones that actually hate him enough to want to kill him. Plots by folks like this have been foiled at least a couple of times, and I even know someone who thinks like this.

And for me, the question is, WHY?!?!?!

So what, his music sucks and you hate him? The rest of us get around that by not listening or purchasing his music, and not paying attention to the Bieber-Fever news stories. We don’t have any need to go out and KILL him. I don’t like Allan Jackson or Toby Keith, but that doesn’t mean have to go out and murder them LOL.

And for many of these guys, it seems that they pay almost more attention to him then some of his fans. Which is funny, for someone that they apparently HATE, yet they give him a whole lot of attention.

Which begs the question, why? Are they jealous?

Of the fact that he’s famous? Of the fact that he has so many fans, and all the perks that come with fame? Of the fact that he could probably get any girl that he wanted, into his bed? Tell me that’s not every straight young males dream.

But I suppose, like the squeaky, irritating Bieber/Jonas Brothers/One Direction fans, we will probley not ever figure out whats the deal with those people.

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