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The War On Christmas

Its 4:37am local time, and im having trouble crashing out (im guessing, due to the red bull drank earlier to wake me up), so ill use this time to write here about a subject that has amused (and irritated) me … Continue reading

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An Unfaithful Dream

Yesterday I had a strange dream. I dreamed, that I was IN the Rihanna video for Unfaithful (like I was in the same room watching, that type of thing). I don’t know if my dream followed the actual music video … Continue reading

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Online Advertisements / Privacy

This is a rant, as you may have guessed lol. But its not about either ads or the issues of online privacy, but more, the way many people think and react towards the 2. Online Advertising Ill start with ads. … Continue reading

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Yesterday before work, I found myself watching “Church of the Rock”, a televised church service out of Winnipeg. Which is odd, because as an atheist, I do not watch such things (the dvr was on that channel due to a … Continue reading

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Earth Day

It is April 22ed, 3ed anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Blow out of 2010. And of course, Earth day 2013. The one day of the year, where many of us pretend to show we care and make a difference. … Continue reading

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Ive been busy with odd shifts at work, and navigating though this ole ┬álife of mine, so I hadn’t realized it had been almost 10 days since my previous entry (April fools day). But today im back, with a topic … Continue reading

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