Anything Is Possible

I must admit, I live the vast majority of my life, within a dream world. Partially though digital connections and the distractions of modern times. Partially within my own mind.

This personal dream world of mine occupies much of my alone time, mainly when involved in mundane and repetitive tasks of daily life (such as such as sitting on the bus, walking home, or one of the many time consuming tasks one preforms in a work day). And this dream world is ever changing. Each day brings a different “dream” reality, and there is a lot of variation.

Sometimes its as simple, as a song on a continual loop in my mind. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what song gets in the loop (even hearing spinets of some artists like Lady Gaga, can get them stuck in my mind for hours. While I don’t hate Lady Gaga (I admit, shes got some catchy tunes), I don’t like her THAT much lol). Other times, I will maul over some newly learned (or old stored) piece of information or knowledge over and over, considering it from many angles.  And other times it will be some unintelligible, indescribable thought process. Something that somehow makes sence to me, but would probley baffle the holy hell out of anyone else. This is something I have always done to pass the time over the years.

I have at times learned from these times of inner focus. Made connections that were before missed, due to the distraction of concentrating on looking for the connection. But mostly, just a lot of songs. And a whole lot of unintelligible thought process that would land me in the Lonnie bin if I ever put them on paper (I guess I better start packing LOL).

Though these times of, I suppose, “self exploration” can be enjoyable, I now admit that its mostly a diversion tactic. A coping technique of sorts. A way of pushing out and ignoring reality, even if just for a little while.

Realities like my home situation, my work situation, and any number of other problems that are and not associated with the 2. And there are also the bigger realities, the big picture. Things like living in failing empires, a planet in decline, and a seemingly bleak road map ahead.

For me, reality is like that TV commercial showing all the starving kids from some very poor country somewhere in the world. No one likes to see it. And though you often feel a pang of guilt, you find yourself changing the channel or fast forwarding the DVR.

The problem with this, is when you get this kind of thing on a collective scale. When the population en-mass “shuts down”, nothing gets done. And more importantly, those who are awake and alert, can act with almost total impunity.

So at the risk of labeling myself a hypocrite, I have to tell folks to think twice about just “accepting” what you hear, falling into the negative mind frame that says “It will never change. I am far to small to make a difference”.

I had thought the exact same thing about both gay marriage and marijuana legality, just a few years ago. Though it was one of those things that would be a part of an ideal world, I just didn’t see it.

But when it comes to gay marriage, the US alone is now in the double digits, in terms of states that allow it.

And for marijuana, studies are released almost DAILY, that shoot holes in the old guarded thought processes that govern the current status of marijuana legality. And more and more people are coming out FOR legalization, even those you would have never expected, such as high ranking members of law enforcement and city mayors.

Its getting harder and harder, to hide behind the old rule that is “drugs like THC are BAD!”. And more importantly, its getting harder and harder to hide the REAL prohibition agenda, protecting a thriving (yet arguably deadly) industry of “legal” drugs.

It shows that almost anything is possible. But change won’t come by putting on the blinders.

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