Real Men Don’t Hit Women – Double Standards

Real Men Don't Hit Women - Double Standards

You may have seen this (and memes like it) going around your favorite social media site or where ever. I understand the reasoning, to condemn the violence against women. It is a worthy cause.

But I disagree with THIS particular meme, as it sets up a potential double standard. An unspoken one that goes with this, is the false assumption that the male will always be the instigator of violence.

Abuse is never right. And I know that since males tend to be the more dominant ones in the relationship, they are more likley to be abusive then the reverse. But this is not an absolute rule.

Though largely unheard (partly BECAUSE of this double standard!), females can be abusive to males. These little meme sends a message that, no matter what, a women is sacred, and should never be hit.

Frankly, BS.

Self defense is justified in any situation of abuse.

Its time to get rid of this double standard, and the everlasting stigmas (eg: a man who is abused by a women is weak) that just perpetuate this form of abuse further.

Abuse in ANY form, is terrible. If you are favoring one form of abuse, but willfully ignoring another because of bias, you are not helping the situation.

End of discussion.

4 thoughts on “Real Men Don’t Hit Women – Double Standards

  1. I kind of agree…can’t we teach ALL children that ALL people deserve respect, and that violence against ANYONE is unacceptable? All memes like this do is reinforce the notion that women are weaker than men, needing protection from them. Hardly empowering.


    1. Agreed.

      I just find it annoying when (males especially) repost these things without giving a second thought.

      I used to swallow my words whilst on such subject matter, play the part of the normal person, not incite any trouble from (mainly females) who don’t bother to think past emotion.

      But now I do voice my thoughts. Either they will learn from it. Or they will block in.

      In which case, no skin of my arse if they take the ignorant moron route :).


  2. Thank you very much for writing this piece bro. šŸ™‚ Actually, objective more recent stats have shown that women/girls enact violence against men/boys AT LEAST as much as men against women. In fact, some studies have shown that women are actually slightly more prone to violence against men than the other way around{sleightly over 50%-60%}. Whereas boys and men are less prone to violent behahviour against girls/women{sleightly} and more prone to chivalry and treatng girls/women like fragile little flowers. Some will point out that when a boy/man is violent against a girl/woman that it’s worse because males are biger and stronger, but they always fail to take into account several variables, such as the fact that plenty of women are fit and strong and healthy, some are bigger than the boys/men they abuse too, and/or more fit/healthy and strong; oftentimes the abusive male will also no use alot of force in their violence/abuse{of course, some do}, and oftentimes girls/women will use more force or do things such as boot the male in the genitals for little to no reason{much more dangerous than say a man/boy slapping a woman/girl,etc}. People often fail to take all these{and other} variables into account when it comes to the issue of violence against girls/women by boys/men{or visa versa even perhaps}. This is just the tip of the iceburg in the double standards set up against males in the issue of inter-gender abuse. These facts show that it is time to stop gender-biased campaigns/ads/funding ideological groups{such as feminists; or in some cases males, but more often than not…female groups/orgs/female gynocentrism} and make this issue about ONLY inter-gender abuse{for the time being} and on a largher scale just about people abusing other people in general{for example; how many people take the stats of mal on male or female on female abuse…both by heterosexuals but also lesbians abusing their partners/etc and homosexuals abusing theirs/etc}. The gynocentric rad feminist agenda behind this all is very obvious and in many cases shows a inclination towards sexist misandry against males{boys and men}. On top of that, even in public schools and in mainstream media{mainstreamed anything actually} you often see all sorts of emapthy and help provided to little girls/young women and little to none of this for boys/young men{including issues of abuse, but also in issues such as body image and self-respect/esteem, etc}. Another example. How often do you see whether in real life or in fiction{such as tv/movies/etc} women say walk into a restaurant..catch their boyfriend cheating on them…she gets uppity about it{rightly so} and then say throws a drink in his face or even slaps him, and the tendency for most people is either to cheer her on for it or just tacitly ignore it; wheras if the roles are reversed and the guy does that to his cheating gf/wife/etc..he is demonized, monsterized from thereon, never living it down! Even if{in either case} the girl/woman is larger, manifesttly stronger and/or more fit/healthy{and other variables}…few people take those variables into consideration. As I said, the issue of physical abuse is just the tip of the iceburg in how most have a doublke standard against boys and men. Who’s to blame for this? Two ideologies: classic machismo and/or chavalry{women/girls are fragile flowers and purely innocent} type patriarchal hypocritical, ignorant idiocy as well as…these days…the rad feminist cult. Both gender cult ideologies have placed men and especially young boys…at a disatvantage! Furthermore, even other “feminist” issues are based on either ignorance or outright denial of facts on these and other gender related issues{ex: the claim that in the west girls/women are still unequal in things like pay, amongst other things}…again….ignoring many variables that turn their false theories on their heads and shows them to be a pack of b.s. that is poorly and a-priori biasedly researched. I could go on, but for now this all should suffice.

    Just google/wiki the info on inter-gender abuse and these other issues{for anyone who does’nt believe me} and you’ll see these facts are undeniable and unquestioinable, yet most will carry on with this sexist double standard against males{boys and men} nonetheless, it’s really quite mind boggling. Also google/wiki “mens rights” and “masculism” for more info.

    It is time for this dangerous,sexist, double standard to come to an end!

    One of My best friends{for example} is a rad feminist{or so she thinks herself one}, but she is also an egalitarian…including a gender-egalitarian and she cares about mens/boys issues allmost as much and aknowledges these realities, sometimes I wonder why she holds onto the label and ideology- “feminism” then? Oh well, substance is more important than surface things{such as label/surface ideology, andc I know she’s not alone amongst “feminists” in her more egalitarian and balanced approach. Thank goodness some feminists are reasonable{mind you, not many are}.


    1. My new mantra, is if you are forwarding an anti-abuse campaign but refuse to acknowledge all possible FORMS of abuse, you are condoning abuse.

      Its very simple.

      The more feminist minded may find fault in this, but to bad.


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