When it comes to grocery shopping, I love it. My bi weekly shopping trips, I always looked forward to. I’m not sure if it is finding the great savings, or coming home with the spoils, but it made my week (coupon ing has also added to this).

Anther thing I enjoy doing is laundry. Maybe its because of the fact that 90% of the work is done by machines (leaving time for whatever in between cycles). I dislike folding clothes however, which is why the task often gets procrastinated for days (sometimes until I NEED the suitcase, because I have more clothes to wash lol).

One thing I hate shopping for however, is clothing.

First, its the task of figuring out my size (I don’t pay attention, since I cloth shop almost bi yearly lol).

Then its the selection.

I’m quite informal in my attire, a t-shirt and jeans is my normal clothing of choice. T-shirts are easy to come by at Value Village (I’m easy to please). There easy to shop for (check it . . . . Size LG or XL, perfect!).

Its pants that can be an issue. It wouldn’t if I knew my size, but I don’t. Which means I must use the dreaded change rooms.

Most being built like a bathroom stall, gives a view over and under. And some stores having them right parallel to the busy areas does NOT help.

This explains why I only own 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of black shorts, yet a fuckton of T-shirts.

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