I’ve noticed an interesting thing here in the world of WP. The phenomenon of re-blogging.

I’ve been reblogged a couple of times, and referenced in posts. I don’t mind when people do this, its nice someone finds my opinion interesting enough to share with there user base.

Something I have noticed though, are blogs that are made up almost entirely, OR entirely, of re-blogged material.

Granted, I will admit that most of my tweets are retweets, mostly news article s of interest or people. But its mostly in the name of passing on interesting articles.

For me, having a blog seems to be, far more in depth then a twitter account. I always say, twitter is all about sharing my little brain farts with the world. Having a blog, for me anyway, Is more about exploring or expanding on all sorts of ideas.

There is nothing wrong with sharing the ideas of others. But for me, having a blog seems pointless if you have nothing to add, besides the work of others.

Just My2Cents.

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