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God Bless America

I have seen my fair share of movies that one could consider, morally “Gray”. The 3 that jump to the forefront of my mind are Law Abiding Citizen, Edge Of Darkness and The Departed. But God Bless America, blows them … Continue reading

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Restaurant Randomness

Originally posted on Break Room Stories:
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Beware Of Word Barf – ALWAYS Read The Fine Print

Ever since becoming an adult, I have enjoyed filling out surveys from different consumer panels, both online and on paper (those are rare). Its rewarding in a couple of ways: 1.) I get to have my say about products available … Continue reading

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“Stop Owl Sacrifices In India” – Who Are WE To Say That? Here, we have another one of those online petitions, that I have been so fond of in previous entry’s (Note: this is sarcasm, since no such button is … Continue reading

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Though I am an Agnostic Atheist by belief, and I have an interest in some Pagan belief systems (mainly Wicca), Deism is one belief system that I have found interesting since I was introduced to it by a friend a … Continue reading

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Microsoft – Nice Try

I see your trickery. Promoting your newly re-branded service, by using an online petition to trash your biggest competitor. A wise move really. Because unfortunately, these petitions are often signed by those who’s only source of information about the alleged … Continue reading

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Racial / Ethnic / National Pride – Why It Has To Go

Something that has become noticeable to me throughout my life, is the importance that is placed upon ones heritage. Everyone is proud to show there colors off. Whether its ethnic, racial or national pride, people love to fly there colors … Continue reading

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