Esquire Makes Terrible 9/11 Mistake

Yesterday esquire made an unfortunate mistake, a mix up in photo placement.



But (presumably anyway), accidents happen. And they apologized VIA a tweet not long after the mistake was found out and corrected.

Pic 2

For me, it is a good enough explanation.

But, being the politically correct, oh so easily offended world we live in, naturally, people had to freak out.

Because of the day, people found not only the (now corrected) mistake itself seemingly unforgivable, but also seen the apology as quote “insensitive”. In fact, if you watch the video in the linked news story, even the 2 commentators see it as the esquire magazine people reacting to an over reaction. Though the apology is a bit horse, its extraordinarily terrible because of the day.

Time for me to inject me piece.

When I see this, though I can see how it can be seen as insensitive to the 9/11 victims and there family’s, and New Yorkers in general, I admit that I got a bit of a laugh out of it. And I am not ashamed to admit it.

Its been 12 years. Though just under 3000 people died that day in 2001, the ensuing wars thereafter killed many more, on both sides. Though the nation was already on a bad course, on a slippery slope, adding 2 more wars on a credit card, while simultaneously letting domestic infrastructure go to shit, certainly didn’t help. Though the popular motto of 9/11 up to this point is “Never forget”. Though no one gives any thought before saying (or typing) those words, I think this is a good time to start doing so.

After 9/11, the fear felt by us all, ended up turning into a blank slate, and a blank check, of which the US  government quickly put to good use. The Patriot act, amoung other amendments between September 2001 and now, gradually withered down the civil liberties Americans once had. They were willfully traded away, out of (then) a genuine fear.

And not long after that, the war machine whipped into action, fighting a seemingly ceaseless and un-winnable war  in the boarders of 2 sovereign nations. Of the 2 wars, at least one was started on very shaky ground (“Weapons of Mass Destruction“!). To this day, we continue to fight both wars. Seemingly throwing money and lives away, without anything to show for it.

I get it, people lost friends and relatives, on that day. The world was collectively moved, that day. We all have our 9/11 stories, how we reacted when we heard the news.

But though there is nothing wrong with honoring those that were lost that day, keeping their memories alive for the family and friends, we must let the wound heel.

The reaction to the unfortunate Esquire error, is but a microcosm of a bigger problem. The US seemingly as a whole, keeps the September 11th wound as open today, as it was 12 years ago. Though the family’s, friends and relatives of the deceased have a reason for doing this, we the public, uninvested in the tragedy (outside of just due to being citizens of the nation, and the world), do not.

We collectively and thoughtlessly, keep the wound open. And as long as we keep doing that, it continues being a tenant of persuasion and fear, an excuse for whatever the government may want to do, or spend. Not to mention, the people of Manhattan, New York, and the surrounding suburbs have done a great job in moving on in the years following.

Its time the rest of the nation, and the world, followed their lead.

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