Forget Gun Control, Think Bullet Control


As most of us have heard by now, there was yet another instance of mass  gun violence to add to the ever growing list. This time at the Navy yard facility, in the US capital of Washington DC. The death toll this time, 12 or 13.

President Obama has wasted no time in using this as an opportunity to once again, call for more through background checks for purchasers of firearms. And though you will once again hear the same excuses coming from the “other” side of the room (“Now is not the time!”, “You are taking advantage of a terrible situation!”), I have to agree.

The 2ed amendment is a handy argument for many. But its a thoughtless (imagine that!) and foolish one. Because background check regulations  ALONE do not involve REMOVING weapons from their owners, nor do they in any way regulate the use of said weapons (beyond what is currently allowed, anyway). It is simply a safety check, one more way to try and keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people.

Bullet Control?

There is one methodology that I do not think I have heard discussed anywhere, that is the idea of bullet control.

Like a gasoline powered vehicle is useless without gas, a gun is useless without bullets. With this in mind, you can turn the whole idea of gun control on its head. If people want to purchase guns, then lets drop the regulations that we throw up, forget about them. Allow the purchase of any and every gun, to be as easy as buying a banana at the supermarket.

But, have VERY strict guidelines and regulations regarding the availability of bullets and ammunition.

For me, this seems a good happy medium. Its still easy to get a gun, and collectors wont have to worry about getting caught up in a mess of paperwork, just for adding a new piece  to their collection. But at the same time, it also gives a mechanism for mitigation of possible damage newly purchased weapons can do. And (depending on the sources of ammunition anyway), this could also apply to illegal weapons.

One of the arguments against gun control, is that it does nothing about the weapons ALREADY in circulation on the street. Which is a valid argument. But controlling the bullet supply, DOES tackle this problem.

And the best thing about this regulation, is it does not favor the MINORITY but overexposed plague of mass gun violence INCIDENTS, over the whole of the problem of gun violence itself. Because it does not matter if the  weapon is in the hands of a gang member, a contemplating mass murderer or an angry and/or depressed person, they ALL have to jump though the same hoops.

Gun control has earned a bad name lately, and though that is partially on the part of the oppositions thoughtless reactions to even the idea of it, it is also because some parts of it, just do not make sense. And if we keep pursuing it from the same angles that we have been, were bound to get the same results that we have been all along.

Which is why I think we need to rethink, and rewrite, our entire argument.

Lets drop the “gun” out of the equation entirely. Bullet Control.

A new term for a newly revamped argument.

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