Obama Vs The Right – The Neverending Shit Show

Where is the line between disagreement and treason?

Many on the right, insist that Obama is terrible. And they throw the term treason around, in regards to him and his actions. Not at all surprising, as any word that fits, is usable in the bubble (no matter how irrelevant, or wrong, it may be).

But the fact is, if the roles of the current were reversed, and it was Obama’s democrats and the left that was in the place of the current right, there would be hell to pay. If it was Obama’s party that was crying fowel and keeping (and sacraficing) the nation over a disagreement, people would not stand for it.  They would use the word treasonous, and frankly, it would fit. Because from what I can see, that is exactly what this behaver amounts to.

Yet, somehow the right is the  “patriotic” side.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama is not without his flaws. He has disappointed me and many others in many ways, and has not lived up to the hype. Not to surprisingly in retrospect (I think many of us unknowingly wanted jesus, but were instead given a mere mortal, one of us). But even so, there are many things that could have changed, but didn’t.

Despite this, I can not throw the baby out with the bath water, and deny that his presidency has not been without its benefits. This new affordable care act, though far from perfect, is one example of the good he has done. Though a great plan would be to cover EVERYONE, this is a good start.

Obama does have a part in this, in not “selling” Obamacare to the masses nearly as well as the right has smeared it. But even so, the rights attempts to tear it down are not warranted.

When you see that a great majority of Americans will benefit from the act, the deliberate attempts to block it, send a clear message that the right does not give a shit about everyday Americans. It sends the message loud and clear, that there interest lies in the people that fund them, those that will be disadvantaged, the 1%.

If democracy is power by majority, and the right is deliberately sabotaging that for their benefit, I do not see how it could NOT be treason (funny how this fits with many other issues to *Cough* background checks!).

I wish the left would wake up from their slumber, and start speaking out. The republicans and the right are doing this with impunity, because the masses are allowing it.

SPEAK OUT!! Treat this like the treasonous activity that it is!

I guarantee that when someone is actually holding them accountable for their actions, they will relent. This is NOT a bullying attempt, this is just calling their bluff. THEY are the bully.

But only because the public is allowing it.

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