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Suicide – Is It Ever Justifiable?

A month or so ago, I found myself asking this question of myself, then later of people on a facebook debate group with Atheists and Christians¬† that I frequent. Though I have come to my own conclusions on the subject, … Continue reading

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Micheal Moore – A True American Patriot

Though I reside in Canada, technology keeps me connected to the happenings and situations in places all over the world, including those in the US. And the picture is not pretty. The trajectory the leaders of the nation have put … Continue reading

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Blackout Clarity + War On ________________ , How Many Do We Actually Win?

This is a post regarding 2 recent thought processes I had between yesterday and today. Since both are reletivly small pieces I will throw them both together. Blackout Clarity A day or so ago, there was an early morning blackout … Continue reading

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The Facebook “Like” Button – Is It Innapropriate To “Like” Bad News?

Anyone who has been on facebook, has likely used the facebook “Like” button at some point or another. Whether to show that you agree with the information presented, are amused by it, or just to make your presence shown, this … Continue reading

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Selfishness – The Biggest Problem With Humanity Today?

In my travels in the world of twitter, I came across this tweet from the Wall Street Journal, asking a simple question of their followers (and presumably, readers). A look down the list of peoples reply tweets, shows most people … Continue reading

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The Crazy Ones

I just discovered this new CBS sitcom tonight, staring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Though the format is arguably one that I normally would almost automatically discard (about 95% of new network sitcoms, I can’t stand), this one I … Continue reading

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Breaking News – Sometimes Waiting Is Best

Ever since being in high school, I have been very focused on the world around me. When most people look at the news around the world in kind of a secondary sort of way (their lives and therefore local news … Continue reading

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