The Facebook “Like” Button – Is It Innapropriate To “Like” Bad News?

Anyone who has been on facebook, has likely used the facebook “Like” button at some point or another. Whether to show that you agree with the information presented, are amused by it, or just to make your presence shown, this little button has developed many uses, depending on the information that it is attached to. And the same goes for the “favorite” button on twitter, and any other similar option that may be available on other popular social media platforms (I am only familiar with facebook and twitter).

But one has to wonder, is it ever not appropriate to use such a button on a post?

I ask the question, after coming across a co-workers status update, where he described his ordeal of having recently lost a beloved pet of many years. Under the status update, many of his friends were leaving nice messages and condolences, nothing wrong with that. But a great many also “liked” the status update itself.

I suppose, it might be another form of giving ones condolences to the person (yet another usage of that little button, brought on by the information its attached to).  But to me, liking such a status seems, at the  very least, a lazy way of showing support (is typing a short message really that strenuous?). And at worst, it could be interpreted as flat out inappropriate.

I understand that one may not have the right words to say, or for that matter, words just may not come to them (it happens. We all find ourselves in situations where you want to help, but are not sure how to go about it). But for me personally, if this happens to me, I would rather leave condolences unsaid, then to use a “like” or “favorite” button, to show it.

Of course, this is just my opinion on the subject, my view of the topic. But I will hand the pen to you now.

Do you agree, or disagree, with the usage of in-bedded positive feedback buttons to show your sympathy to a person who is going though hard times? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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