Lest We Forget


Today is November 11th, which is Veterans Day for those in the US, and Remembrance Day for those here in Canada. A day that, we are supposed to put aside an hour or 2, to respect the past and present members of the military, as well as those that lost their lives, in getting us the freedoms that we enjoy today. Leading up to this day (in Canada anyway, not sure about US customs and traditions), one is supposed to wear a poppy on the left side, as for it to be over your heart.

Like many other traditions that our society holds dear, this is one that I have stopped following

Going back to when I was a kid of 10 or 12 (I really do not recall), I remember dropping a lonnie or 2 into the little plastic bucket, and wearing my poppy proudly for a week or so (until I lost it lol), and to the remembrance day ceremony that always preceded the day itself (if I remember right, their was no school). And of course I wore the poppy throughout the day itself (assuming I still had it).

It was afterwards, that I found a bit of a conundrum. What is the time frame of which one must keep wearing the poppy? Some have told my father that it is disrespectful to wear it  after the 11th is over. But this seems silly (how is showing you care, disrespectful?).
Most of the time I had lost it long before anyway,  but I never could get a real answer to the question.

Today, I no longer  wear a poppy in the lead up to, nor on Remembrance Day  itself. Not out of disrespect for veterans and what they fought for, moreso on a basis of, not wanting to participate in an activity that is in modern times, half assed at best.

In my opinion, if there is one day that should be a holiday (as in businesses are closed), then remembrance day should be it. But though the businesses are only open for a limited amount of hours on the 11th, this still strikes me as, not right. And I am not really pointing my finger totally at the businesses either. More so, at the consumer who could not wait one day, to make that unnecessary purchase.

I am not talking about milk, bread, gasoline or any sort of staple. But snacks, or pretty much anything else that flies under the banner of “unnecessary”.

There are other holidays of less important reasonings (religious primarily) that get the full on treatment, of stores (and most businesses) closed, and we have figured our way around that obstacle. So why not the 11th of November also?

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