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Justin Trudeau To Remove Liberal Party Sentaors From Party Caucus In a move that came out of seemingly nowhere, Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau has pledged to remove all of his parties senators from the party caucus, and force them … Continue reading

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As you may have known, there was recently civil unrest in the Ukraine. President  Viktor Yanukovich’s decision to  align with Russia instead of with the European Union (many suspect President Putin had his fingers in this), got the ball rolling. … Continue reading

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Atlanta “Snowpocalypse” 2014 – Give Me A Break . . .

I just became aware today, of the mess that is the traffic situation in Atlanta, and in many areas of the south, today (and for the last day or so). I got a little bit of back ground information (and … Continue reading

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A Winter Without Heat – What Would You Do? When it comes to emergency preparedness, I had come up with a fairly good game plan last year. And it was good, the only problem being that I didn’t stick to … Continue reading

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A New Year , A New Begining

Like most everyone else both in the online and the offline world, I had made myself some new years resolutions. This year I followed the KISS (keep it simple stupid!) philosophy in making my list, and thus only put 3 … Continue reading

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Music – Will Our Generation Look Back In Admiration?

It is the start of yet another new year. And as such, what was popular in 2013,  is on its way out the door come 2014. Thank GOD for that. I suppose that I may be getting to old to … Continue reading

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Chris Christie – Class A Asshole?

It seems that every progressive media source I have access to VIA daily or weekly newsletters (Common Dreams, Alternet, Truthdig, The Nation) has published articles condemning Chris Christie, or telling me why I am a fool if I am still … Continue reading

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