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Elitest Atheism (And My Journey To Irreligion)

I have been what one would define as an “Atheist” for a number of years now. My journey to Atheism started (interestingly enough), as a hatred for the all mighty deity. I was 14 or 15, and life was throwing … Continue reading

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“I Swear To God!”

These are words that I quite often hear. First off, let me admit to you, that I occasionally watch the Dr. Phil show. And I still occasionally watch the odd daytime courtroom show, such as Judge Judy or The Peoples … Continue reading

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The Power Of Quiet Time

I recently found a new news source that I like, called The Philosophers Mail . It is a news site, with an interesting prospective. All of the articles are written by philosophers. In comparison to my typical sources of Online … Continue reading

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Sign Issues

Yep, apparently the site has been getting an influx of traffic of late. It was hard not to laugh. Why was I on the site in the first place? No reason . . .

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The West vs. Russia – Should We Get Involved With The Ukraine?

I have been watching what is unfolding in the Ukraine for awhile now. Even before the Sochi Olympics largely knocked it off of the 24 hour news cycle (and off of most peoples minds). I first started seriously following the … Continue reading

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When Did News Become Pop Culture?

I am a man of many gripes, as almost anyone in my inner circle would be able to tell you. Its a funny little habit that I blame on my father. Though my habit is significantly less pronounced then my … Continue reading

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