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Story of girl kicked out of KFC for scars allegedly a hoax I was on my way to bed (its currently 4:30am local time for me), but I decided to do a quick check of my email beforehand. First I … Continue reading

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Sherlock Vs. Elementary

Normally I don’t rate, compare or otherwise give any positive attention to matter of pop culture, but I will make an exception, because of my fondness of some of the recent adaptions of Sherlock Holmes. First of all, the movies … Continue reading

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“Slender Man” Inspired Crimes – This Generations Calling Card Of Obvilious Parents?

Before the news of the stabbing and attempted murder crimes came out that were attributed to this “Slender Man” character, I had not even heard of the concept. Even though its origins date all the way back to 2009. The … Continue reading

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Dr Oz – Why I Tuned Out A Long Time Ago

This past week has not been a good one, for daytime medical talk show host Dr Mehmet Oz. He was called before congress by senator Claire McCaskill, to answer for his backing of many diet products that turned out to … Continue reading

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Mom’s A Medium – Seriously?!

Its 2am and in killing time before bed, I found myself watching “Wife Swap” on CMT (I know . . . Trash tv is hard to kick!). Either way, cut to the first commercial break, and CMT airs a spot … Continue reading

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Pay It Forward

There is a concept that happens in my city (and likely in many others), that can be described as “Pay It Forward”. There will often be threads on our local web  portal that have others thanking the generosity of anonymous … Continue reading

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The Pleasures Of A Power Failure

It is not often that you get to see the skyline of Manhattan highlighted by the glow of only moon light. But it is quite the spectacle to see. In comparison to normality. Most people living in North America (or … Continue reading

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