Mom’s A Medium – Seriously?!

Its 2am and in killing time before bed, I found myself watching “Wife Swap” on CMT (I know . . . Trash tv is hard to kick!).

Either way, cut to the first commercial break, and CMT airs a spot for a show called “Mom’s A Medium”. On an upcoming episode, a country star is reportedly brought to tears by his reading.

I had to resist the urge to throw the iPhone though my TV set . The stupid of this spot, hurt (mostly because I whacked myself in the head with the remote).

Its 2014, and people SERIOUSLY are still falling for this shit?! As stupid of a question as that is, its none the less, frustrating.

Google has been around for a number of years, social media in its many past and present forms going on around a decade (give or take). If people do not know by now, the internets power of being a provider of ALL SORTS of information (including how to fake mediumship, and a HUGE source of personal information on almost anyone), then I do not know how to drive the point home further.

Which brings me, to the meat of the issue. Awhile ago I wrote about psychics, after having found out that a member of our family, had seemingly been duped by one. I had big suspicions, not just because of the “mediumship” (or the fact that the family member and the person were longtime friends). But mostly, because our family history is fully available on publicly accessible search portals.

On account to both social media and various additions to our family tree on various ancestry oriented sites, one can learn almost anything, with a simple google search.

I was even surprised and amazed to get hits from searching my grandfathers name (who passed away in 1998, and never ONCE had ANY direct interaction with the internet).
A facebook group created by family. Various bits and pieces from ancestry websites.

Oh yeah, this whole psychic “obsession” within my family started when my grandfather (same as above) apparently “dropped by” during a free reading with my aunt.

But, this post goes to show, that even my small and largely unknown family from the middle of Canada, has a fairly extensive publicly available digital footprint.

None of us are even CLOSE, to being “famous” in any sense. This blog, so far as I know, is the closest thing to public exposure we have. And thats not a whole lot lol.
No one, really, has any reason to dig into our past.

Unlike, a celebrity. For example, an up and coming country star. A star with fans and press hungry for all the details of his existence, who all will scoop up everything they can find, and share it in all sorts of easily accessible digital locations.

If a psychic reading on any of my family members could EASILY be influenced by publicly available information, then it would seem almost a certainty that any celebrity of ANY status, would have a “heavily influenced” reading.

Yet, apparently not. Not only does this still work, but it STILL draws enough of an audience to warrant a television series.

I used to feel bad for people that fall for this sort of thing. Especially for those that were duped out of cash. But at this point, im starting to think, to bad for you.

The materials to warn and educate yourself against these tricks, are freely available. Hell, some of the materials are in your own head (use common sense!).
If you still choose to be ignorant and disable your sense of logic, then there is nothing anyone can do for you. We can just hope that learning the hard way, will do the trick.

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