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Listening To Myself

I often catch flack for being close minded when it comes to newer media. And given further examination, I guess I am. When The Hangover III came out, I said that I would not bother seeing it. Same with Fast … Continue reading

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How To Complain To A Business

I enjoy using TYT (and a few shows in the TYT Network) as one of the sources for my daily fix of world news information, but as with most situations, I do not always agree with the opinions of the … Continue reading

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“Poor Door” For Lower Income Residents Of NYC Apartment Complex – Why I Don’t Care

I first learned of this controversy from a TYT segment from within the past few days, and it was mentioned again on the Rubin report (linked above). I am unsure if its being talked about anywhere else (have not checked). … Continue reading

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Yahoo Home Page Error

On the topic of irrelevant things that don’t really matter much, I found a bit of a laugh in the yahoo home page a few minutes ago. Well, it was not really a laugh when I seen it. The link … Continue reading

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Is it just me, or has there been a spike in spam from Asian sources in the last few days? No, this is not a jab at a popular blogger here in the wordpress community. More, an observation of my … Continue reading

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Discrimination Against Smokers? Your View

By now, all of us should know the risks of tobacco use. And the number of smokers is falling because of the efforts of these campaigns. For me, this is a good thing. The less children sparking up, the less … Continue reading

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Patriotism In Todays World

In the last couple of weeks or so, the topic of “patriotism” has been popping up in my cities 2 main web forums. A week or so ago, it was started as a complaint post about people not removing headgear … Continue reading

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