#BanNickelback – A New Low For Crowdfunding


I have done posts in the fairly recent past on my problems with crowdfunding, and in the distant past on the hate towards Nickelback. Both are 2 distinct entities with their own set of problems. One thing I would have never expected, was both concepts to unite.

But in a grand ole display of world class STUPIDITY, it has happened. Someone (besides a web domain with economic interests in ad revenue) has found out how to turn peoples irrational HATE for Nickelback, into a money generating enterprise. Actually no, lets leave the word “enterprise” for situations more deserving of the name and call this out for what it really is . . . . A scam.


This photo is great.


How this money is supposed to help keep Nickelback out of the UK indefinitely, I have no idea. Why people would care enough about a band they hate to donate money to keep it out of their nation baffles me. Manitoba sees plenty of performers that I do not like, but my method of reaction is far cheaper and less time consuming. I simply DON’T GO TO THE SHOW!

I have always gotten irritated by those who feel the need to #ban anything that bothers them, especially in pop culture.
A awhile ago I wrote about a campaign to try and keep Chris Brown out of (I think) Halifax because someone found it offensive for a character with such a past to be gracing the stage in their geography. How about, letting the FANS decide.
Starting petitions to have Nickelback not play in a given place is even worse. There is zero justification for the stance besides “I fucking HATE Nickelback!”.
Figuring out how to make money off of that stance is either stupid or brilliant. You decide.

Either way, this whole “fad” of hating on Nickelback has got to go already. They are not exactly awesome, yet they are not terrible.

When it comes to an artist like Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper, the love/hate dichotomy is fitting to the persona. But not Nickelback.

Enough already.

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