Ebola Travel Ban – NOT A Good Idea!


Ebola has reached our shores, and with good reason, many people are worried. Well, with somewhat good reason, were worried.
With the big networks whipping this disease up like its the black plague (which is making a comeback, interestingly), its no wonder that even when I hear a sneeze at the bank the person says “Don’t worry, I don’t have Ebola” to a chuckle from the others around.

Ah yes, the big networks. Given some of the coverage shown, one would think this is as nasty as SARS, or avian flu. That is where many make a mistake.

Stop listening to the big networks, and for a little research for yourself.

Ebola is a VERY nasty disease, by any standards. But it differs from many other past viral infections (like SARS and Avian flu), in that its NOT airborne. It is spread though contact with bodily fluids, or contact with the patient when they are contagious (which is when they start showing symptoms).

The reason why this disease has went to town in the 5 African nations, is the lack of infrastructure to properly control it, along side irrational fear spread by misinformation (sound familiar?). Not to mention, customary rituals surrounding the dead also put people at further risk, in having contact with the bodies when they are HIGHLY contagious.

So, calm the FUCK down.

There has been some case for concern in the handling of this crisis. The hospital that let a visitor with a point of origin IN the ebola hotspot go home. The nurse who took a plane trip, while in the quarantine period. The nurse who took a CRUISE, while in the quarantine period. The idiot news reporters who didn’t stay quarantined.

But even with those lapses, I don’t think we have much more to worry about, then just your normal everyday precautions. Wash your hands, etc.

One can not be blamed for being concerned. But really, the level of risk does NOT even come CLOSE to the hype.
Think about how easy this story is to sell. All you need is that cool Ebola picture, and footage of the workers in spacesuits, and the story is sold. They even made ME want to head to Churchill and hide in an igloo for a few months!

And as for the travel ban, many experts repeat, NOT a good idea. For one thing, goods and such are coming and going from the area all the time. Its not good for the economy OR the containment of disease if supplies can not come in.

Not to mention that the world is interconnected. You can cut off flights from the affected nations to North America, sure.
But there are still flights to South America, or The EU. All they have to do is come in that way, though the back door. Then if they do end up coming back with infectious baggage, its even more difficult to trace, AND spreads around even further.

So folks, turn off the TV bring up Google. Use sources like the CDC for your guide to Ebola, not network news.

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