Jian Ghomeshi – My Take

Like many others, I have heard about the controversy surrounding former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi. Though he is well known by many for his interview skills, I admit that I have not ever heard him in action. Not a big fan of CBC radio.

But the first thing I heard about was the lawsuit. Though I did not really check much into the story, from what I gathered, it seemed that the CBC had fired Ghomeshi for simply having, a strange kink. Or at least that was what I seen many going with anyway. Though I was in agreement that it seemed an unfair action, I was not really spurred into taking one side or another (or even really interested).

Partly because I did not really know the guy (no emotional attachment). And partly because I know that these stories can change drastically with new developments, so its best not to choose alliances to soon.

And as it would happen, new developments did come out. Several women came forward, claiming to be past victims of Ghomeshi. Then the Toronto Police Department announced that they were opening an investigation against Ghomeshi.

And now (as far as I know) Jain’s lawsuit against the CBC for wrongful dismissal still stands, though the CBC has moved to have it cancelled. I guess further events will determine if that request is granted

All the while, the right wing Canadian media outlets get to complain about the “Money Pit” that is the CBC. As if they needed an excuse to slam the factual competition.

To be perfectly honest, I am not quite sure of what to make of the lawsuit. On one hand it could in fact be warranted. But on the other hand, it almost seemed like an act of damage control. Getting out in front of the situation (and riling up the fans to his aid), im thinking to try and drown out whatever controversy was to come next. If that was the plan, then it obviously failed.

Then there is the CBC side. Though the dismissal would seem warranted (given the situation), one can not cast aside the fact that this situation could (allegedly) have come out sooner, had various members of upper management taken the proper action upon being informed of Ghomeshi’s alleged actions.

For the time being, I will still remain neutral when it comes to this. Though there seems to be a lot of blame to go around, one has to consider the possibility of fraud in at least some of the allegations.

I would hope that no one would ever lie about sexual assault. Those that do are the worst kind of people. But even if caught, the destruction to the male victims reputation is often irreversible.

Ar this point, I don’t think we can confirm anything, short of that this is a big mess for all involved. But the best that we can hope for, is the truth. There is no doubt that the truth will prove to be inconvenient, or maybe even incomprehensible to some.

But that is the thing about the truth. It does not conform to our bias’s.

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