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Idaho Women Shoot By Toddler Son (With Her Own Gun) Yet another unfortunate story involving a gun accident and a minor out of the US. Very unfortunate. When out on a shopping trip to a Walmart with her children as well as nieces and nephews (using up gift cards … Continue reading

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The last while has been filled with all sorts of real life problems that have been pissing me off to no end. As is evidenced by my posts of this year. A whole lot of flack against Atheists, feminists (lately), … Continue reading

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No Alternet . . . Here we have an article that I do not really have an issue with in any way. Its simply a piece covering Bill Maher’s personal feelings on the case. Which in this case are interesting, since he seems to … Continue reading

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MENenism Vs FEMenism – Fucking Hell A few days ago I wrote an entry in which I had stated that I hoped it would be the last of this year in which I would write about the F word, aka feminism. Apparently not. Will this … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Christmas is here. Another year has gone by, another shall soon be upon us. This has been some year. The best way I can think of ending it would be . . . . out with the old, and in … Continue reading

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The Hidden Danger Of Radical Gender Activism

I will begin by saying that I hope this is the last time I will be referencing the F word for the remainder of the year. Yes indeed, I do mean feminism. However, before I move onto something else, I … Continue reading

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Stop Using The Brooklyn Cop Murders To Further Your Agenda

A couple days ago I wrote both a Facebook status and a blog entry that had me exploring the possibility of the murdered officers being victims of a delusional plot of revenge, hatched in retaliation to this over exposure of … Continue reading

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