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Very True

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Stop Asking Miss Universe Pageant Contestants Such Complex Questions! Today I have a piece about a non-story really. But in the age of social media, ad revenue by mass clicks and 24 hour news cycles, it has come onto my radar. Im unsure how old the story is … Continue reading

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Fracking And Breast Cancer This is an article about fracking and its perceived connection to breast cancer (among other things). Perceived, because most of the time these things are hard to prove (if its a definite connection, my bad). One thing that annoyed … Continue reading

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Thunder In The Holy Land – Discover Jesus As You Never Have Before!

This came in with the days mail, and what an amazing gift it contains! A FREE dvd offering to have me discover jesus as I have never discovered him before! What an amazing offer! As a bonus to this, they … Continue reading

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“BUSTED! – Dr. Oz’ guest must repay $9 million to customers in ‘magic beans’ diet scam” (Green Coffee Extract) What is above is not really anything new. People paying any amount of attention both to this blog and Dr Oz’s place in the news in general, will know about his many problems of late. One of the products … Continue reading

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Unjustified Police Brutality Allegations Do Not Help The Black Community Though this story happened 2 or 3 days ago, I had just come across it recently. I first came across it though a fellow who calls himself “Tim Black” on youtube, a creator that posts information relevant to current … Continue reading

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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Hit By Train During Video Session Some stories are so ironic that its hard NOT to laugh at them. This is one. The point of this entry? Living a healthy lifestyle does not protect you from the perils of being a dumbass.

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