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Since #TheDress is STILL Trending On Facebook . . .

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Stories “Breaking” The Internet – A Rant

Here we have a new up and  coming social media trend. Which is stories apperently going so viral that they “break” the internet. The first time I heard of this stupid social media phenomenon was when Kim Kardashian showed her … Continue reading

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Parents Trying To Reverse Kids’ Autism By ‘Flushing Out’ Vaccines With Bogus ‘Miracle’ Bleach Enemas

This morning browsing facebook I came across THIS article sourced from Raw Story. From the article: Parents seeking help with children with autism are turning to a “miracle” cure that involves giving the children enemas, using a dangerous industrial solution … Continue reading

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Bullshit Alert!

 I don’t think I have seen such a load of horse shit since, the last election. I thank the facebook user and friend of mine who commented on this abomination of intellectual thought, for putting it on my radar. On … Continue reading

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Can The Internet Replace Public Education Institutions Such As Schools?

For this post I make reference to a recent facebook post by Dusty Smith. Calling himself “The Peoples Atheist”, he operates the Youtube channel “Cult Of Dusty” as well as a few other social media groups and accounts. He was … Continue reading

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Can Less Confidentiality Mean More Fairness In Campus Sexual Assault Cases?

Linked HERE is an article from (headline in the title). There does not seem to be any author credited for the piece (or I am just not seeing it). The article explores whether or not there would be more … Continue reading

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Apistevist – A Clarification

Back in October, I wrote a piece entitled Apistevist – A Term With Potential in which I talked about a new secular adjective that I had (then) recently discovered, and also its limitations as perceived in my eyes. Just as the … Continue reading

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