I Hate Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Ok, maybe HATE is a strong word. But he, irritates me greatly of late.
Its a stance that I have begun to take lately, though im not quite sure why. It could be the irritatingly boring and inoffensive nature of his songs. And the fact that it jives perfectly with the CBSC’s requirement that at least 30% of content on Canadian radio is of Canadian origin.
Not that I disagree, per-say. It keeps our media and airwaves from being ENTIRELY swallowed by content piped in from south of the boarder. But it results in artists like Adams getting a guaranteed flow of revenue because their (particularly, HIS!) music becomes default filler to make up the 30% allocation.
Maybe im just annoyed because I have to hear his music AT LEAST once daily in my retail job, and his music is almost ALWAYS on the radio. A particularly irritating song is the duet with Tina Turner, Its Only Love. How ironic that a love song inspires me to want to gouge my ears out with an ice pick.

I suppose this is just a sign of, ironically (again), my getting older. If the pattern is that most people tend to become more conservative and less “offensive” in terms of their music tastes, im going the opposite direction. I have always been a fan of metal, particularly thrash but also other forms of metal. I have never subscribed to any one side or another in any of metals inter-subgenerial feuds (for example, I enjoyed both glam AND grunge). In fact I seen such feuds as hilarious, almost like members of religions battling it out.

But as the years have gone on, I tend to be moving away from the typical. What most people would call the “Classics”. Not just Bryan Adams, but also your Bon Jovi, Kiss, Ac/Dc. Back in the day they were great tunes, fun at parties and associated with good memories. But now, looking back, its all just, simplicity.
Everyone can love whatever they like in terms of their musical tastes. But for me, after being exposed to such groups as Dream Theatre and Tool, they are utterly boring in comparison. If much metal is University, then the mainstream rock is elementary to middle school.

There are still artists from that era that I like. For example, Twisted Sister stands the test of time for me. Both because I love many of their songs to this day, AND because lead singer Dee Snider is and always will be an awesome guy in my books. Calling out Al Gore’s wife for having a dirty mind in front of congress was FUCKING hilarious, and still is today.

But either way, like everything else, musicians are about the money. Not always, but in many cases. Which is arguably alright. If someone wants to buy, let them.
I just don’t like the idea of, forced consumption. Yes, using the Bryan Adams catalog is not exactly like having a monopoly on cable services in a city. But when the other pickings are slim, its hard for me to argue that there is NOT at least a bit of unfair advantage.

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