The Interview – An Alright Movie


First of all, don’t worry about or look for plot spoilers, because you will not find any.

I don’t think I ever got around to writing about this movie back in November/December when everything was blowing up for Sony on account of it. But had I written a post, it would have likely been me asking for the company to ignore the threats and just get on with it.
Though to be fair to Sony, they DID release the film fully initially. It just ended up getting retracted after most of the worlds (well, at least Canadian and American) theatre chains would not touch it due to the risk.
While this was annoying, and seemingly a weak stance (not to mention a terrible message to send groups like ISIS/ISIL) , I can see the theatres reasoning. Even one instance of a threat being followed though with would be a WHOLE lot more costly then the profits of the film.

But fortunately that situation (more or less) changed, and the film was released. Despite setbacks from being allocated very little screen time in theatres and being forced online.

It was added to Netflix (the Canadian version to. Im no streaming pirate) a month or so ago but been putting it off. However, I finally got around to watching it yesterday.

And it was good. Its hilarious that it was the reason behind all of the mess of November/December for Sony. But none the less, it was worth the wait.

I admit, it did not start out all that strongly. For me the beginning was a bit dry and stupid, reminiscent to a modern sitcom (typically one with a laugh track).
But the movie picks up pretty much as soon as they enter North Korea, the DPRK.

I have no real criticism of the films actors. For the most part, all of the important roles were more then adequately played by their actors. And though the film (for me) is divided at entry into DPRK, I enjoyed Seth Rogan’s throughout. There were some stupid asian quips pre-DPRK, but I mostly enjoyed his performance.

His sidekick however (James Franco) was the only character that I didn’t like much throughout the movie.
Sure, he aced (in my opinion) all of the important scenes of the film. But his over all character was just, annoying and cringe inducing. Again, I understand that is what sells in todays market (the whole Zack Galifianakis brand of humour is in). But it, took more then it added (for me anyway).

But the movie was enjoyable. So I recommend anyone who has not yet seen it to check it out.

You may find it Un believable.


I have no idea what the cheese is all about. Lol.

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