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Why The NCAA Should Move The Final Four Out Of Indiana

This article is sourced from The Nation. Sports is not something that I normally comment on (it does however provides an interesting entity for one to observe from the outside), I felt a need to comment on this article. Being that … Continue reading

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Early Warning . . . A BODY SCAN Can Save Your Life!

 I had this come in with this weeks bundle of flyers, and it peeked my interest.  Well, not so much peeked my interest, as activated my bullshit detector. The first thing that is noticeable, is the mass marketing of this … Continue reading

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Atheism Is/Is Not A Religion!

This is something that is often mentioned in the debate circuit between Theists and Atheists. And it is something that I have written about before (called out a popular Atheist Youtuber for dishonestly “correcting ” this misunderstanding). But this is … Continue reading

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Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers (CNN Special Report) – A Review

The first thing I will say is that I applaud the fact that CNN not only funded the making of this documentary, but also aired it as an actual segment on the network (not just made it an online only … Continue reading

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Bill Nye Changes His Stance On GMO Foods – Was He Paid Off?

It seems like not a week goes by in which I do not come across the term “GMO food” somewhere in my online travels. Normally these stories are on environmentally oriented  news sites such as Ecowatch, and are about some … Continue reading

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Why Are Femenists Ignoring The Violent Gang Rape Of Former Porn Star Cytherea?

For this, I source a re-tweet of one of my Twitter follows. Though a re-tweet, I do know Mercedes Carrera (yes, the porn star) from her appearance on a fairly recent episode of the Drunken Peasants (if your expecting a good … Continue reading

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Fraternities – To Ban Or Not To Ban

I think that most that live in North America (or who have access to American media) have a similar idea as to what a fraternity life is like. From past comedy favorites such as Animal House to more modern shows … Continue reading

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