Music Now Vs A Decade Ago

Time for, another music related rant of sorts.

I have taken of this topic a couple times before ( HERE and HERE ), as well as other various semi-related pieces (likely linked though related posts). I have always been a critic of the pop music scene (ever since being able to see though it). But though it is easy for me to base criticism just off of what I have heard before, there is nothing quite like side by side contrast for comparison.

A few days ago I was on youtube playing music, something I do occasionally. Normally I stick to heavier genres (ive begun to enjoy the original Alice in Chains more recently), but I do not use that as my comparison. It may work in many youtube comment areas for fans, but even if I agree, I have to acknowledge that grunge is not exactly pop. It was big in its heyday, but it is now a more, niche taste. Some would say a sub genre of metal.
Either way, it is as similar to modern (and the past decade’s) pop music as country is (not counting the sellout crossover crap that Kid Rock likes to milk every few years).

However, I think that a band like Evanescence would make the cut. They are a band I enjoyed back in their heyday, and they are still a band I enjoy (I like the most recent self titled album best, out of all the more recent albums). But the main reason that they make the cut, was because back in the day, they were played on the hits stations alongside Britney Spears, No Doubt and the rest of the fad bands of then.

Back then (at least on my local station) I heard My Immortal , Going Under , Everybody’s Fool and others ( Bring Me To Life is an honorable mention, though I hated the later version with the unnecessary male vocalists).
Though one may not like them for some reason or another, I don’t think many will disagree with the notion that, there is talent behind the music. No matter what you think of the music, Amy Lee has an amazing and beautiful voice. And not only that, she didn’t waste it then (nor does she now) on, garbage cookie cutter tween pop material (unlike Avril. I liked her, before THIS turned into THIS ).

Contrast this to damn near ANY of the newer group that is popular today (Nicki Minaj, Meghan Trainor, whomever!), and there is no comparison.

Its one thing to know that its terrible. Its another thing, to know that it wasn’t AS bad, just a short time ago.

Most of todays young have NO concept of what true talent sounds like. Which is unfortunate.

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