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Bloging Criticisms

There are some so called “power bloger’s” that have recently published pieces that are critical of the choice of some blogs (such as mine) to write in such a way that they do not consider “audience friendly”. By that, I … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo Wins “Courage” Award

The PEN American Center has recently decided to award the French satirical magazine Carlie Hebdo a “Courage” award, for continuing not to back down even when faced with intense retaliation. And I agree that this award is well deserved. Though … Continue reading

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As most of you by now probably know, Nepal has recently gone though a nasty 7.8 level earthquake, and the deaths are in the thousands. Earlier today I was cruising youtube videos of the story (and live footage), and I … Continue reading

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School Removes “Feminist” Form Students T-Shirt In Photo – Did They Overstep Their Bounds?

I first encountered this story on a friends facebook status and meant to make a post about it. Finding it again on twitter the other night brought it back to mind. Basically, a 13 year old female student from Ohio … Continue reading

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Fox News On Pot

This seems a fitting follow up post to yesterdays 4/20 piece. I had about the same reaction as Kyle (commenter) did lol.

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420 – A Marijuana Post

Its that time of year once more. Its Hitler’s birthday! Just kidding. Its a day where stoners everywhere celebrate their herb and the culture surrounding it, by smoking it to excess. Sometimes (often times?) even in public (if they happen … Continue reading

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Light Pollution

   This is not something I usually ponder, but an event from a night or so ago made me do so.  Where I live, though a problem, its not nearly the issue it is in many other urban areas. In … Continue reading

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