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The Peoples Opinion – Why It Does Not Matter

I will start off by saying that I like Vice as a news outlet. I am a regular viewer of their half hour HBO program (produced by Bill Maher) which takes you to all sorts of places and covers a … Continue reading

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Atheists – Stop Shaming Atheism!

Its been awhile since I have written about what is arguably one of my favorite topics. The fact that I can say such a thing is somewhat strange. First, considering my attitude of many in the community (they are almost … Continue reading

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Evolution Clears Josh Duggar?

Today I came across an article on facebook published by Raw Story, about some comments made by Eric Hovind concerning the whole Josh Duggar fiasco. Son of Kent Hovind , he is known for following in has fathers footsteps. “Since … Continue reading

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“Women And Biodiversity Feed The World” – Feminism Meets Environmentalism

The title of this entry is a part of the title of a piece published on Common Dreams ( Women And Biodiversity Feed The World, Not Corporations And GMO’S ). Though published 3 days ago, I could not pass this … Continue reading

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Goodbye My Sweetheart 

Princess, I remember when you first came into my life. Tiny and timid you were, scared after falling between the couch cushion and the couch. Over the years, you have brought us a lot of joyful and fun experiences. Playing … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theories

Its always great when some bloggers make such claims as other bloggers are “lazy”. How about, everyone does things differently. Who made you the WordPress “serious blogger” police?

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What Would Happen If Women Were In Charge Of The Economy?

That is an interesting question, posed by William Greider of The Nation in this blog post, published May 8th. The question he posed by him is “If women were in charge of banking regulation, could they save us from the … Continue reading

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