Zanjeer – Why You Should NOT Share

It seems that today is incredibly stupid meme day on facebook, since I only viewed the site for a minute and seen no less then 4 stupid ones so far in rapid succession.  Most are not worth dignifying, but this one seems to have a story behind it. And anytime a meme has a story, I always suspect something to be fishy.

2015-05-31 19.32.35Well I didn’t share it, so I guess I have no heart. Well thats nice. Ill take a fully functioning brain any day.

But moving on, this is indeed a true story. But there is a catch. This is from Hoax Slayer :

The photograph is genuine and does depict a funeral service for police dog Zanjeer, who saved many lives by detecting explosives and ammunition during a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India in March 1993. Zanjeer was buried with full police honours after he died of cancer in 2000. However, the person that created this message is misusing Zanjeer’s picture as a means of amassing likes for a particular Facebook Page. These despicable like-whores often use stolen images of sick children or animals as a means of tricking users into liking their pages and promoting their messages. If you receive one of these like-farming messages, do not help the like-whores by liking, sharing or commenting on their material.

So we have a case where the story is true, but there is a hidden agenda. Something that should ideally be apparent to all. But we gotta deal with the world we live in.

The Hoax Slayer piece does not specify an origin group or page for which the image originates, but I suspect that is because there are many. The image that was posted by the person I know was sourced from a page called Trending Post . It is a facebook page for a click bait site.

So no, don’t share as a way of showing respect for Zanjeer. Do not “share” to show any emotion or accomplish any task.

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