Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg And A Whole Lot Of Stupidity
First of all, though I kept my mind open in an earlier post, it seems that Bill Cosby certainly looks guilty as alleged. If the numbers of alleged victims  didn’t speak volumes before, then the admission in the court documents pertaining to the single court filed case did. 

Here is where I must throw in a caveat.  The documentation (technically speaking) only legally proved his action ONE TIME. It does show that it is something he would indeed be capable of doing (drugging women). But it proves definativly, only ONE of the 40 allegations. 

When I say this, I am not defending Bill Cosby. I think that he is a lying scumfuck, considering that he stood on a pedestal of morals and ethics. Fuck him. 

To state the obvious, is to state the obvious. You are not demeaning the rape of the victim by sticking to what facts we have to go by. 

This is a particularly precarious case, since most of the statutes of limitation of the cases are long gone by. That is unfortunate. As well as infuriating, since Cosby’s hypocritical bully actions likely ensured he would never stand trial for his alleged actions towards those (then) young women. I reiterate, he is garbage. 

And when I take all of this into account, then frankly, it is not hard for me to believe that Cosby is guilty of many (if not all) of the allegations. 

But like the justice system, I will always err on the side of proof before accepting anything definitively. No, this does NOT mean I take a victims story any less seeiously. And no, this does NOT mean I am defending Bill Cosby. 

It just means I need more then faith and assumption to accept a proof as alleged. 

Everyone who is pointing a finger at Whoopi (TYT included), open your ears and shut the fuck up about this “Cosby defender!” shit. 

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