Is Caitlyn Jenner Courageous?

This is something that has been talked about by many on social media for some time, but there has been quite a bit more chatter lately (pre and post espy). So this seems a good time to explore this situation.  

My answer to the question is yes. Was it deserving of such an award? Honestly I am not really sure. Like the transition she went though, I am neither for or against, and over all, don’t care. Its pop culture, which is notmally outside of my area of interest. 

That is, except when people say idiotic things or make idiotic claims. All of the above in this case. But lets start with some background. 

ESPN presented Caitlyn with the Arthur Ashe Courge Award for, well, it should be apparent. It takes a lot of balls (forgive me) to make the decision to go from an uber masculine outward apperance, to the complete reverse. This is a huge decision for ANYONE. Let alone someone with millions of people that follow or envy them for their old unfitting self. No matter how friendly the current societal climate is to social issues of all kinds, this is a huge decision. 

So, again, I consider her very courageous. And a great example for anyone else that may feel like they are in her position. I mean, if Bruce Jenner was able to overcome all the challenges in embracing Caitlyn, then almost anyone can do it. For this alone, she is invaluable to the GLBTQ+ movement (+ = anything else now added). 

But many people do not see this as courageous. To many of these people, to be courageous involves, saving lives or some other similar experience. People like firefighters are more deserving. Or even a person (child?) battling cancer (an example I head somewhere). 

While this argument could be made, its a silly one. Because there are many diffrent kinds of courage, and many ways to be courageous. For example, a teacher taking a bullet in saving their students from harm, is an act of extreme courage. But no one is making this the standard. That would be ridiculous. 

But so is tying the word only to things like saving life or self sacrifice. Though there is no formula for deciding who is or is not courageous, overcoming personal obstacles should not be excluded as factors. 

And now we move on to, the meme that prompted this entry. 


I got this from Facebook, from a hockey fans page (big surprise). The comment I left around 12 or so hours on the image has yet to be answered, so I think I ticked off quite a few people. Fine by me :). 

What did I say? I will explore. 

I started using an airline pilot metaphor (seems appropriate, since ive been watching a lot of mayday latley). 

If the pilots of a plane manage to land a severly damaged jet and save the 300 passengers on board, that could be called a courageous act. Is what Caitlyn Jenner did, less courageous? 

Well, yeah. 

The pilots of China Airlines flight 006 pulled put of a 30,000 foot dive with barly 10,000 feet to spare, in a 747. That was one HELL of a feat, considering that such a situation was (and likley still IS) considered irrecoverable. 

By that standard, then no, what Caitlyn did was by no means courageous. But also by that standard, a great many “courageous” people, may not be. Like a forefighter that never saved anyone from a fire. 

Courage takes many different forms. 

Now, THAT was not what I figure ticked off the facebook people (note that everything after “China Airlines 006” was not on facebook. It seemed a good example to use in this post, hence its utilization). 

It was likley the part where I said that getting up and wanting to get back into a hockey game after cardiac arrest was less courageous then it is stupid. Yeah, I went there. 

Look at it rationally. You can get up and finish one game, but risk death or permanent injury. Or you can get the help you need, and enjoy many games. 

Yeah, I didn’t expect anything more then negative commentary or “Fuck You!”. That is what you get when you mess with a persons religion (which is what hockey is for a lot of Canadians). But even if the reception may not be welcoming, its good to call these things out. 

As if I need a reason to rag on sports . . . 

5 thoughts on “Is Caitlyn Jenner Courageous?

  1. Just my opinion here, but the Arthur ashe award was mid presented to Bruce for all the wrong reasons. It’s a sports award. Bruce is no longer in sports. Regardless if one thinks it courageous to undergo major surgery to change your outer appearance to match ones inner feelings, though genetically and biologically you still actually are a male, it has nothing whatsoever to do with sports or espn. They gave him the award more for show and promotion of what he did, not sports. Not even for courage in my opinion, but that’s just my opinion for what it’s worth.
    Seems like such an incorrect and improper adulteration of the award itself that makes everyone involved look like panderers to social issues rather that sports enthusiasts trying encourage others with great examples of courage in sport.

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    1. I have actually heard people express that as well. Along with various conspiracy theories as to why she was getting an award (because everything has to have an alterer motive these days).

      Though I mostly disregard the later, it would not surprise me if it was more for ratings then anything. Considering this is the first time I have even heard of the espy’s.

      If the goal was promotion and getting the award show out there, it worked. Even those without a care and sports are talking about it.


      1. how is it then that bruce, his family and the society at large don’t understand they are being used and man-handled (very appropriate pun) and ‘objectified’ (pun from the other side of the y chromosome) by this very act of seeming opposition to bullying and abuse?
        in fact, they are objectifying bruce and bullying the society at large into accepting what may very well be offensive and unacceptable to the vast majority of society (my personal opinion on bruce’s decision and subsequest surgery is fairly irrelevant. I don’t really care what he wants to do to himself and his own body)… and let’s not forget it may all have been at least in part for ratings that translate to money and sales.
        nothing of this situation has anything at all to do with sports or courage in sports, which is what the ESPY awards ‘Arthur Ashe Award was established to recognize in the first place.


      2. No one is being bullied into accepting anything. It seems that only those with a hyper sensitive persecution complex would feel that way.

        Also, I don’t view Caitlyn or her family as being “manhandled” by the media. She/they put themselves out there, people are watching.

        Inter-racial marriage was also at one time taboo and “offensive” to many in society. But fortunately for history, we put that behind us. As we are for gay rights.

        Some didn’t like that decision, as well as many don’t like where gay rights are going.

        Well, to bad.


      3. I agree. society is changing in ways that many are not comfortable with. but to be honest, change is a necessary part of life and those who just want their own comfort to be ‘sanctified’ at the expense of other’s freedoms and personal decisions should realize that society as a whole is not set up for the ‘comfort’ of those who would discriminate unfairly… and now, unlawfully.
        I think there is more than enough room in the middle for understanding and acceptance. it’s the right thing to do. thx again for the opportunity to comment and the reply. -mike


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