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Happy Halloween

Have a safe Halloween kids big and little. Go and collect lots of candy. As is customary. But if I have my light off, stay away. Nothing to be had here. And to the progressive community. . . Must we … Continue reading

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Cyber Violence (Against Women)

I like to have my ear to the ground  when it comes to issues concerning the social justice community since the whole #gamergate fiasco. Though I am not an avid gamer (not a gamer at all in fact), I seen … Continue reading

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Things That Annoy Me – Part 10

46.) Pissy Bastards Many of us have likely been in this situation. You walk into a public restroom stall, and some cunt has pissed all over the seat, because they were to lazy to lift it. Or some just piss … Continue reading

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“REFUTED: “Let’s Just Nuke The Middle East!” (The Amazing Atheist)

Normally I like to write down my own thoughts on different issues and sucjects I cover. But here, I feel that TJ has covered it well enough. Initially, I thought that this whole video was WAY to in depth of … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden Is Not A Hero The above link is unrelated to the post I am about to compose, but I posted it both because the information shared within is interesting and (more importantly) it brought to mind some of the things that have annoyed … Continue reading

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The Hijab Debate – My Take

I have been meaning to write about this for some time, but I did not get around to it until now. Election day 2015 (October 19th). Thoughout the long campaign leading up to this day, this issue (unfortunately) has been  … Continue reading

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Today is election day 2015 for Canadians (October 19th). And it is likley going to be a busy day at polling stations all over the nation, if the turnout at the advance polls was any indication. But on social media, … Continue reading

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