Things That Annoy Me – Part 10

46.) Pissy Bastards

Many of us have likely been in this situation. You walk into a public restroom stall, and some cunt has pissed all over the seat, because they were to lazy to lift it. Or some just piss all over the floor.

When I see this, I hope that one day a guest in their home walks into their bedroom and takes a piss all over their bed and carpet.

47.) Air Supply

My dad (and people he knows) used to like listening to this band in the car all the time when I was a kid. Something I could not understand for the life of me, because it was terrible music.

And now it has made a comeback, onto the play list of my workplace. Because apparently old people like listening to air supply when they are doing monotonous tasks like shopping, or driving.

The fact that they have been around since 1975 is baffling.
If you want to have some oldies in the retail sector, throw in some bony m. It’s not my favorite music either, but at least it’s upbeat and interesting.

As opposed to,
Anne Murray or Air Supply. Air Supply sucks harder than an Oklahoma F5!

48.) Junk Mail

By this, I do not mean the electronic variety. Though it needs to be scanned (for legit items caught in the filter), it’s gone with the click of a button. An easy to solve first world problem. Not to mention that the only impact of most electronic spam on any platform is tickled electrons.

This is not so for paper junk mail, however.

Though I have always received junk mail, it seems to have increased since I started donation to charities (by mail) a few years ago. Started back in 2010 as a way of backing out of the typical Christmas cash spending orgy (using money that I would have spent on stuff to do some good in the world. Or at least to feel that way). And since then, the amount of junk mail has increased.

Most of it is from charities. That I do not really mind. I put the reply envolopes and the donation forms in a folder in my filing cabinet and go though them at the end of the year.
I don’t mind these mailings, to a point. When a charity is sending you 2,3,4,5 different mailings in a year, that is a waste of both my time and of resources. Resources that should matter to a charity.

But what is worse than the charity mailings, are the other entities that flood your mailbox with junk.

Magazine subscription offers. Life/Other insurance offers. Credit card offers. Loan offers. Advertising for chewing Tabaco companies.
Some of it with my name spelled wrong, amusingly.

The only good thing about most of this stuff is what it’s printed on. Good quality office paper that goes into the blue bin, and is inherently more valuable per pound than lower quality newspaper (though I also ditch a lot of that in fliers).

Also to consider, is the non-recyclable trash that often arrives in this junk. Zines surrounded by film plastic, sticker and mailing labels from charities (do many people really still use that many envolopes? Email!), or useless non-recyclable plastic crap from companies (fake car keys from dealerships, plastic loan cards from banks).
Things that a person can use (like a pen) is one thing. But not trash for the sake of . . . . Trash?!

49.) Drivers That Impede Emergency Vehicles

Even when I was a kid sitting in either the passengers seat or the back seat of the family vehicle, I knew the procedure for when an emergency vehicle was in the area.

If you are traveling, you pull to the right and stop until they pass. If you are at a red light, you are approved to preceed (so as to clear the way forward). The basic philosophy is to stay out of their way, so they can get to the emergency or deliver the patient to the medical center as quickly as possible.

Yet people, still don’t get it. All the time, I hear emergency vehicles laying on the horns trying to get traffic out of their path.

In the same way that there are increasingly strict fines levied against texting drivers to discourage this activity (which is just as dangerous as drunk driving, and WAY more dangerous then high (on weed) driving. See the studies!), there should be fines for impedance of emergency vehicles. Because in the context of an emergency, seconds count.

50.) Sore Losers Within A Democratic System

This phenomenon likley shows up everywhere after an election, but I am starting to see it here in Canada, so it’s from that context that I will write this from.

As many may have heard, the left made monumental gains here in Canada (as it has been world wide of late). First was Alberta, which swept the NDP into power. Which was a huge change to the previously conservative stronghold province (50 years straight). Then 2 days ago, Canadians overwhelmingly voted Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party into a majority government, ending a 9 year Conservative hold on the Prime minister’s office.

We will see how this turns out as the days go by. But not even 2 days in, there is trouble brewing in the west.

A Facebook group called “The Republic Of Western Canada” (I believe) is starting to get some traction and coverage.

Many joining into the digital group are sick of how the voting system works in Canada. And I can agree with their grievence . . . Since the system is based on population, and since the vast majority of the Canadian population lives in eastern Canada (Ontario and Quebec), that region has the most powerful influence on federal elections. And as such, that tends to be a focal point of voter reach outs by party officials (some are worse than others, but all are guilty to a degree).

In this respect, I agree. This skewed system is unfair to the rest of the nation.

But I also smell a bullshit campaign. Because though they make a legitimate point, it comes less than 2 days after the previous status quo party to much of the prairies (The Conservative Party) was effectively ousted. First in its western stronghold of Alberta, then nationally.

I also smell a distinct sent of sore loser bullshit, because of the proposed solution. Rather than work within the existing federal framework to try and find a solution (you know, the way of DEMOCRACY!), their first solution is “We want out!”.

Let’s play around with this.

Though no-proportional voting has been an issue in every election (including the 2 previous to this), I heard little of this movement. Is it a coincidence that when I do, the party in power is differing to the one of the past 2 cycles?

This tells me that these people are not so much irritated at the setup of the system. More like, it didn’t work in their favor this time, so it has to go.

If the western 4 break off and form some republic, what does that leave us with . . . Nothing changed. Manitoba and Saskatchewan will be just as underrepresented, because the new focal points will be Alberta and BC. Good luck if you are on the left in this environment. And speaking of the environment. . . Bye! bye!

And so, I end this thought with 2 conclusions:

A.) A separation of Western and Eastern Canada will not even the voting playing field.

B.) If your promoting this idea just because your side lost this time around and your pissed off, fuck off to China, or Saudi Arabia, or some other nation that shares your disdain for the democratic process.

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