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Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech is a topic and a philosophy that benefits everyone (at least in the West). But it is also a philosophy that is often times misunderstood, or just accepted at face value with no critical evaluation. The 3 … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Whatever

Whatever it is, may it be joyous. 🙂

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“10 Reasons Why GMO Smart Label Isn’t So Smart” – (Ecowatch)

Ah, the alternative media. The gift that keeps on giving. Today with another “10 reasons” list that amused me enough to dissect. Here are the top 10 reasons the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s phony alternative to mandatory GMO disclosure on the packaging is not … Continue reading

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Does Consent Matter? – Testing GMO Foods On Humans

Today I received an invite to sign a petition. I receive many of them on a daily basis, but have stopped signing or otherwise participating with such sites, having lost faith in the whole system. But I do still receive … Continue reading

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“Monsanto Chief Is Horrible” – (Ecowatch) Today I will be focusing on a piece written by Mark Ruffalo of (I assume) Ecowatch. It is about his recent encounter with the man (Monsanto CEO) at an interview. First of all, to start this off on a … Continue reading

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Is Trump Torpedoing His Own Campaign? Having run across this on facebook (possibly due to talking about this recently in a couple places), Alternet (and Rachel Maddow, as referenced in the piece) are starting to ask the same question that occurred to me recently. Albeit, … Continue reading

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Things That Annoy Me – Part 11

51.) Annoying Social Fax Paus I know that this list will be as variable as all the people that exist on this earth. But here a just a couple of mine. A.) The “Do you miss me?” text This one … Continue reading

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