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Atheist Idiocy On The Rubin Report As ridiculous as many theists can be when it comes to their stances, I swear that with each passing month, I find many atheists are often no better. Take Dave Rubin, now openly atheist. He takes a fair amount … Continue reading

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Arsenic In Rice Based Foods In a couple of past posts (including my most recent from a few days ago) I made mention of the issue of arsenic in rice products. The context being a comparison in reactions to the presence of genetically modified … Continue reading

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Non GMO – The New Standard Today we learned that yet another 2 brands have caved to consumer pressure. Due to a new GMO labeling law coming to fruition in Vermont soon, Dannon and Hershey have become the latest food conglomerates to dump GMOs in … Continue reading

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Anon Goes Off The Deep End Alright, to be fair, I have not taken Anon with much seriousness for a long time now. If ever really. Either way, group of unaffiliated “hacktivists” or not, this reflects on all.

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Labels And Identifiers – A Necessity Of Life?

I found myself in a bit of a Facebook debate of sorts with a friend of mine the other day. A debate involving the labels that people choose to associate themselves with. When all was said and done, my friend … Continue reading

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Unresearched Statistics

That is indeed a great factoid. But is it to much to ask one to show their work?

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Its been awhile since I started this journey. Years, since my inaugural post. Looking at the me of then in comparison to the me of now, is really a contrast equatable to night VS day. This is saying something, considering … Continue reading

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