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“The transgender revolution is more about CLASS than sex” – (The Rebel)

Lately transgender issues have been on the mind quite a lot. Partly because of the amount of coverage in the mainstream at the moment, but also because I have been debating the topic with a friend of mine on facebook … Continue reading

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“Canada Approves GMO Salmon” – (Ecowatch)

Boo! Though not my reaction, I am guessing that is what they were going for. As is the typical MO of these people. Anyway, as one can guess, the article is exploring the shocked outcry and outrage with Health Canada’s … Continue reading

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Dont Make Me Come Over There . .

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Toxicological Purest’s – I Respect Your Position, But Get Off The High Horse

First off, some clarification. The term “toxicological purest” is a reference to anyone that has not ever used any drugs or other intoxicants. I could not think of any simple term to describe such a person, so I went with … Continue reading

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Consumed – Fictionl GMO Propaganda Is Here It was bound to happen sooner or later. Why not sooner. Wein says their goal was to entertain and inform. “We want to open people’s eyes to what is happening with GMO foods, spark a dialogue around our food … Continue reading

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The Idiocy Of Gene Simmons Here we go again . I get the free speech thing. Everyone has a right to their opinion. And Gene expressing this should not be held against the other members (no, I don’t support #BanGene. Again). But really . … Continue reading

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I Pledge To Donate Half My Lotto Winnings To Charity . . . Seriously?!

Or how about this . . . take the $5 or $6 you would more than likely blow on the ticket and just give it to the Red Cross. In fact, those that feel like following this meme, donate every … Continue reading

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