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Patriotic Self Importance

It happens whenever some disaster like this occurs. If an airliner leaving France bound for Egypt crashes halfway to its destination, even though 580 people from both nations perished, it will be the 2 Americans / Canadians / Brits / … Continue reading

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Milo Strikes Again / Crowd Funded Lawsuits

Ah the hilarity. Sometime ago, I decided to comment on the Milo ban, mainly due to the  internet losing its collective shit. So many people shocked at social media censorship, and seemingly unintrested in a realistic solution. Because it’s easier … Continue reading

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If You Lose Your Mind Over A T-Shirt, You May Be A Moron Ah, Adam Buckley (aka A Dose of Buckley). How your weekly doses make me laugh. And cry.  First, the source of all the fuckery.  How OFFENSIVE! This makes me LOATH him! Metallica must be embarrassed to have their brand so … Continue reading

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To My Pseudo Freethinker FriendsĀ 

If you want me to regard you as a freethinker, please avoid posting stuff like this. Though it is a well utilized term (misused 95% of the time, in my opinion!), I do not need one to tell me that … Continue reading

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#BernieorBust Movement – Stop Being Stupid, And Look To The Future

This election cycle has really been something. Hell, the past 2 really!  Reeling from almost a decade of George Bush, America decided to vote in the first minority president ever. Twice. And with his presidency rapidly approaching it’s end, we … Continue reading

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Oops I Did It Again!

First Putin (allegedly), now ISIL/ISIS.  At this rate, Hillary may just win if she just stays at home with Bill. After Crimea . . .what will come next!  It’s like the world’s most dangerous soap opera. 

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