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“Legal Medical Marijuana Leads To Big Drop In Opioid-Related Hospital Visits: Study” – (Global News) If your reaction to the headline was “Well, DUH!”, you are not alone. But one must remember that while it is obvious for us that know even a LITTLE about the herb / drug in question, there are still … Continue reading

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American Veterans Deserve Better

The last time I broached this topic was back in early November , before both veterans day and the election. I was bothered and annoyed AGAIN by the veterans being used as a political football (mainly by the President Elect). … Continue reading

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Micheal Moore – A Tale Of 2 Men

Today, I am doing something that I have never really done before. I begin the journey and process of investigating someone that I have always highly regarded. That person is Micheal Moore. Despite being a Canadian by birth, my interest … Continue reading

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Alternative Medicine

Sometime ago on Twitter, I said that I would write a series focused on Alternative medicine. And that I shall soon do. Knowing that I have only one life, and knowing the vast amount of quackery that is out there … Continue reading

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Let Women Abort Babies for Being the Wrong Sex, Says Top Medical Ethicist – (Breitbart)

Today I will do something I haven’t ever done before. Well, I have checked articles for accuracy from a small variety of sources. But nothing from Breitbart, the now infamous favored platform of president #45’s administration. Let us begin. reading

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Democratic Party Insanity?

A question occurs to me of late, fueled by the work of such news platforms as Kyle Kulinski’s show Secular talk . . . What is with the democrats?! Despite the road to electoral victory being blatantly obvious, that is … Continue reading

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Privacy – Is The Word Enough In An Interconnected World?

Interestingly, its a James Comey quote that brought this question to mind. James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, agrees. “There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America,” he said in the wake of the “Vault … Continue reading

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