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“Culturally Insensitive Gáy Pôrn (featuring a Didgeridoo)” – (TJ Kirk)

Here we have something that made me laugh and damn near spit out my coffee this morning. And that was just reading the title of the video! It seems that has found a whole new use for the Didgeridoo.

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The engine of irrationality inside the rationalists

Originally posted on Ketan Joshi:
There’s a multi-directional cacophony of gleeful back-patting ringing out across my Twitter feed at the moment. The outpouring of joy stems from an article published in Skeptic Magazine. Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay managed to…

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What Is The Value Of Life? + Other Realizations Of 3 Decades Of Existence

I’m getting old. In truth, I am only 28, going on 29 this June. Some would say that I am still a spring chicken. Or as my old boss would say, a young buck (I don’t think he knew that … Continue reading

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“Liberal Purists” Vs. “Corprate Democrats”

While this issue has crossed my mind before (long before the election), recent events have pushed it to the forefront for many. It started with a segment from Bill Maher’s weekly show “Real Time”, in which he told liberal purists … Continue reading

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Nations Banning Kosher / Halal Meat, And Norway Pondering Banning Circumcision

This is a rather interesting one to chew on. Belgium (the latest out of a number of nations in Europe) on the verge of banning the production of Halal / Kosher meat products. Though it would seem a silly (and … Continue reading

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The Evil Of Man

Though I don’t engage in the world of religious debate nearly as much as I once did (by that standard, not at all really!), I still have strong feelings, though they are now more focused than they used to be. … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking is at it again. He said something like this last year, and I thought about writing a piece criticizing it then. But I decided not to. Mainly because I thought I was missing something. Being that he is … Continue reading

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