Things That Annoy Me – Part 14

66.) The Red Pill

Enough with this shit already!

I don’t care what context with which you are coming from. You almost certainly have NO IDEA what it is like to “swallow the red pill”. Its far more world changing and all encompassing than 1 (and often esoteric!) ideological stance.

67.) . . . You Might Be A Redneck

Replace daughter and him with son and her. Is it still a hilarious truth of parenting?

If not, stop posting this shit and quit fostering this outdated and sexist cultural meme.

68.) “I’m A Cuck, You’re A Cuck . . . 

There is an obvious problem with this, as presented.

If “Cuck!” is your first response, than I want to thank you. I now know that you are far to simple minded to bother wasting anymore time with.

69.) Lauren Southern

In a slightly related rant (the word cuck is involved), I come to Lauren Southern. In particular, her description of Canadian politics as explained a recent interview with Dave Rubin (the relevant stuff starts at 12:39, but I recommend listening from the beginning).

In it, she labels all Canadians as Cucks. Who cares (I have been called worse things than some trendy insult of the times we live). She also proceeds to say that all Canadians are essentially spoiled brats, and have recently elected a VERY spoiled one to run our nation. Again, who cares. Its an opinion.

I have my fair share of opinions about Canadian culture. Words like “sheep” come to the forefront of the mind. And I would even dare to say that Canadians may well be even MORE patriotic than Americans, just in different ways. Rather than guns, flag and bibles, its more hockey, Tims and The Hip.
One word that did not occur to me in regards to Canada however, was spoiled. But I am comparing 2 anecdotes. I have never experienced the world of Lauren Southern, and she more than likley has never experienced my world. While anecdotes can help in building a bigger picture, they are NOT the bigger picture.

With this in mind, think of the clip you just seen.

While I have an opinion on many things, I usually tag it as the anecdotal or opinionated viewpoint that it is. I try not to talk for anyone, or showcase myself as fluent on anything that may well be . . . beyond me. Including the culture of my nation that I try to isolate myself from.
Southern does no such thing. Its”Oh, Canadians are such cucks and spoiled brats!”, then on to something else.

The first thing that comes to mind is, when it comes to nations electing spoiled brats for leaders . . . Canada didn’t even crack the top 10. I can only think of 1 nation actually. And even without actually saying it, I bet everyone reading this knows EXACTLY which one I am talking about.

With that out of the way, yes, what Lauren said was her opinion, and should be treated as such. Viewers of the clip in Canada (or those that have connections to Canadian culture) will likley know the bigger picture. However, millions do not have such connections. One would hope they will take it for the anecdote that it is, but in all honesty . . . I doubt a great many do. Having read many a comment section, having seen people like Lauren and Milo regarded as intellectuals in some cases, I have no such faith in the people.

While the example used here is Lauren Southern, my gripe is not entirely with her. She said something I deem is stupid. Her types would likley see my values as stupid. Who gives a fuck.

What annoys me more, is anyone that watches this stuff without actually questioning it. While the format may not exactly be friendly to that sort of thing (a criticism I have begun to have with this sort of format), it shouldn’t be an excuse.

70.) Apple Madness

Long ago,  I wrote a fluff piece about iOS, after having used it for a short time. Im not sure if I ever followed up with that, but I ended up falling out of love with the OS after an update turned my year old formly very usable phone (a 4S) into an unstable pain in the ass. I know its not the hardware because:

A.) it worked perfectly fine before

B.) after the OS update, the device was left with barely any memory for anything else (its no wonder the thing became barley usable!)

Knowing how people are with aging  devices (and taking into consideration that this model is now 2 behind the lasest one), it made sense. Anyone that has been using an older device for years that begins to act up will likley assume it to be on the way out, and upgrade (typicly to a new Apple device). Obsolescence by design.

Though one can not really prove that allegation, the company has done other things to foster its reputation of forming a monopoly on its devices. First came the proprietary chargers. Then the bricked iphone 6’s (if not repaired by authorized apple personnel). Now this , a move that could eliminate the possibility of 3ed party repairs, PERIOD. Even for a screen replacement!


I would later learn (though a wikileaks revelation, if memory serves) that many Apple device shipments had been intercepted (and presumably in some way compromised) by the CIA (I would assume at a firmware level). A friend of mine (of whom works in the tech industry) claims this to be at very least, a major reason for the change (despite the massive loss in jobs that it will create).

It could be. But really . . . I don’t trust Apple. I don’t trust any of them really. I don’t doubt that there is a security component to this. But I suspect that if the public were less aware of these shadowy activities, all of these companies (Apple included) would not give these privacy issues even HALF the attention that they give now.

Corporations are not altruistic, only self serving. Though the 2 are not always incompatible.

71.) Insanity @ 2.4Ghz

Oh Yes. I am talking about 2.4ghz wifi. Again.

I have talked about it before, albeit from a largely layman perspective.

I understood (well, understand) the very basic of wifi interaction and interference. The more networks on a given channel, the lower the performance will be for each one given the self policed nature of the technology. Even if many devices are attempting to use the spectrum, no one device will talk over one another. For context, imagine a meeting or large conversation with many participants. Everyone gets a turn (though the wait times will increase depending on how many devices sharing the space, and how much traffic they are generating).

The techies call that co  channel interference. Though using an empty channel is always the ideal option, co channel interference is always preferable to its counterpart, adjacent channel interference.

Unfortunately for me, co channel interference is not what I am dealing with. At this point, its barley even an option anymore on 2.4ghz.

First off, some technical stuff. Even though your router is parked on a given channel (can be 1 though 11 in North America), it always overlaps up to 3 channels around it. This type of interference is known as adjacent channel interference.
A good way to contextualize this (adjacent channel interference) would be trying to converse at a concert or in a loud bar. Due to the large amount of background noise, your group has to raise its voice in order to be heard over the din. Which just ads to it further.
Due to this, the recommended 2.4Ghz channels to choose are 1,6 and 11, since they are the only 3 in the spectrum that do not step on one another.

The next thing I need to explain is something called channel bonding.
Each wifi channel (be it on the 2.4 or 5 Ghz side) is 20 mhz wide. However, recent advances in wireless technology driven by need (some internet connections are faster than the technology would permit) now allow the bonding of 2 or more channels to make one big channel.
You can bond 2 channels to make a 40mhz channel in the 2.4ghz spectrum. On the 5ghz, you have even more options, with 40, 80, possibly even 100 mhz wide channels (though this is mostly just applicable to enterprise).
Think of it as a pipe. The bigger the pipe, the more data you can move at the same time.

Now, back to my neighborhood. A story that began with a printer.

I have known that 2.4ghz was a gong show for awhile now, which was why I transitioned my network entirely to 5ghz. Though there are a few networks around, the vast amount of spectrum available ensures much open space to utilize even a 40mhz channel easily. Despite all this available space, checking in a far corner of my apartment exposes no less than 4 80mhz wide channels all sharing the spectrum around 155. All from  telco AP’s (go figure!).

Either way, though my smartphone and laptop happily operate on 5Ghz, my older printer does not. Go figure (its always something . . . ). This I had solved by adding my old 2.4Ghz router as an access point, connecting the printer that way (as I had done with an old tablet). Which worked initially, but not over time. My guess being that the interference around here kept breaking the connection.

Mildly annoying, but still workable. Being that my phone could easily work around this by connecting and printing directly (wifi direct), it wasn’t to much extra hassle (paste into dropbox). However, I noticed that even THIS was getting problematic quite recently.

So I checked Wifi Analyzer once more. Both my printer and my 2.4Ghz AP were on channel 11. Good (the printer picks its own channel, but I choose the AP one based on everything between 1 and 6 being a mess). There are some other networks using 11, a few weak ones between 6 and 11. Annoying, but previously not a problem. However, I noticed at least 2 new 40mhz networks, both based around channel 9. Which would explain a lot.

Part of my problem is rooted in my location. I live on the 2ed floor of an apartment house in a fairly densely populated central area. Many apartment houses on all sides with 2 to 3 apartments means (at minimum!) twice the number of neighboring AP’s as one may see in an area of single family homes. And that is just routers, not printers (like mine), mobile hot spots, streaming boxes, gaming devices and who knows how many other consumer devices that create a LAN for whatever purpose. Not to mention that 2.4ghz is the operating spectrum for Bluetooth, baby monitures, older cordless phones, and tends to be stepped on by operation of microwave ovens.

While I have not checked the interference levels in my area outside of wifi sources (have not paid into obtaining the required programs yet), what I see on even the basic analyzers is telling enough. Though channel 11 does come with some cross traffic, its apparent that the single and bonded channels adjacent to it are the bigger problem. My 2.4Ghz situation is equivalent to holding a meeting involving 5 or 6 people in a conference room  right beside another that has rock concert occurring. No wonder it took my phone almost 15 minutes to print 10 pages on a laser printer.


Sure, a first world problem. If I wanted, I could print VIA USB. Yeah I know.

However, look at the bigger picture. ISP’s are flooding markets EVERYWHERE with equipment that sets itself up (channel-wise), it seems ANYWHERE. The area could have people that are careful to limit the adjacent channel interference, but it only takes one, two, tree (typically more!) To ruin it. And then NO ONE can get full performance!

And since few know much about wifi technology aside from the very basics, they will more often than not be completely oblivious to the most likley suspect keeping them off of (or slowing their access to)  YouTube or facebook. They will call up their ISP, which will likley do some trouble shooting. After which they will identify interference due to congestion of the airwaves, and likley offer to rent you a dual band router for a small fee each month.

They are basically the SOLE CAUSE of a problem that they then sell you the solution to.

And guess what? Despite the larger open space available on 5Ghz, THESE THINGS STILL OFTEN STEP ON ONE ANOTHER!
Give it a few years. With newer routers setting up 80Mhz networks BY DEFAULT, and routers otherwise not being careful of their cross channel footprint, its only a matter of time before that spectrum is overrun.
There is talk about more spectrum being opened to wireless and communications use. But even THIS will be prone to the same problems.

I can see this as a fairly easy problem to solve. Rather than hundreds of units all operating individually, I can envision them being in communication. Rather than having a default OR a person choose, each unit could talk to machines around it and decide how to activate based on that organization.  I can envision this as a way to both utilize the entirety of even the 2.4Ghz spectrum (ALL channels!), and possibly even fit in wide networks without much fuss to those nearby. Though I think those are still more at home on 5ghz, a spectrum of which we can also stretch greatly with organized utility.

Don’t kid yourself, this is not happening anytime soon. It MIGHT be possible to introduce such technology into current installations VIA a firmware update (firmware are basically the programs that run your devices at the hardware level). But I don’t see that kind of logic coming to the industry anytime soon.

72.) Snowflake Culture

If you hang around in online circles for the past few years, you have likley heard the term. First it was used to describe the lefties that can’t take a joke or a Milo speech. Then it was used to describe the right wing people that behave in a similar manor.

Frankly, you are all idiots. Enough with these stupid terms that get so overused with trendiness that they no longer mean anything.

Yes, some millennials are more prone adopting a PC culture that Marilyn Manson once battled coming from their parents than is healthy. And many on the right have not yet given up that dream.

All of that aside . . . enough with the snowflake crap. Same with Cuck. And all past, present, and future adjectives of idiocy.

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