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Things That Annoy Me – Part 15

72.) Performance Evaluations / Appraisals If there is one part of typical jobs that has always annoyed me, it is this yearly bullshit session. The appraisal. You sit down with your boss (whether they are likeable, tolerable or a downright … Continue reading

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“The Truth About Kid Rock and his Senate Run” – (TJ Kirk)

Here, among other things, you have an interesting criticism of crossover artist Kid Rock. And really, anyone in the hilly billy pandering country genre.  These artists already annoyed me. But this sheds an interesting new light on the subject. Being … Continue reading

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“How One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life” – John Ronson

What we have here, is a must see for everyone. Long ago (or so it would seem now) in 2013, there was a woman named Justine Sacco. Some readers may remember the name. I don’t. Unsurprising, being that I was … Continue reading

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“Qur’an Teacher Who Sexually Abused Young Girls Gets 13 Years In Jail” – (Patheos)

This article was written by David McAfee and shared VIA The Friendly Atheist July 9th. I will not quote (nor comment on) the entire writing. Just some selected portions that I deem to be of importance. Mohammed Haji Sadiq, a … Continue reading

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