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31 Questions For Atheist’s

I once did one of this questionnaire’ es some time ago (a daunting task, being I was typing on a smartphone at the time), but think I’ll tackle this once more.  I’ve mostly left this topic in the dust, but … Continue reading

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“Impossible Burger Executive Grilled at Sustainable Foods Summit” – (Ecowatch)

Today I have for you, an interesting piece. Normally when one see’s the source Ecowatch in any of my titles, it’s generally an investigation (or deep dive) of sorts. Today’s piece could end up following that trajectory. However, being that … Continue reading

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“Big Telcos Set To Hit Many Canadians With Internet Price Hikes” – (CBC News)

As a forward, this piece is less about complaining about the price increases than it is about exploring the reasoning behind it. Being that an undiscussed part of both net neutrality and an ever more interconnected world are bandwidth and … Continue reading

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A Year Of President Trump – Some Thoughts

The time period is March 2017 (the 14th to be precise). Though I have never really stopped to think much about all of this in the past year (call it chaos on all fronts), it may be interesting to do … Continue reading

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“Elon Musk: We Must Colonize Mars for Humanity to Survive the ‘Dark Ages’ ” – (Ecowatch)

Elon is at it again. The worlds least hated opportunistic capitalist is again, pushing for the uprooting of humanity from this rock.  From this rock to, another rock that lacks such important attributes as . . . an atmosphere. But … Continue reading

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Apistevist – The Final Word

Apistevist. This term first came to my attention some 4 years ago. Thought to be coined by one annoying youtuber back in 2010, it turned out to actually originate with another not so annoying youtuber sometime before that (a fellow … Continue reading

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