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DNA Genology Services, Baby Pictures On Social Media, And Other Privacy Issues In Today’s World

It’s interesting when something you were pondering in your mind suddenly makes an appearance in the media. Though it hasn’t happened for awhile (a few years), it did today. In Hunt For Golden State Killer, Investigators Uploaded His DNA To … Continue reading

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“Are Palestinian Journalists Being Censored by Murder?” – (Truthdig)

First of all, an admission. I don’t know what (if any) agenda may be in the mind of the author of this article,  David Palumbo-Liu. A quick search shows that he is certainly an interesting man, having been labeled a … Continue reading

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Freedom Of Speech & Expression – Should Political Beliefs Be A Protected Class?

Today, I bring you a segment from the David Pakman Show which caught my attention. The news story being covered was about a Trump supporter who found himself removed from a bar seemingly because of the hat (and it’s representative … Continue reading

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Things That Annoy Me – Part 17

81.) Critical Thinking A hit and a miss. Better luck next time! 82.) Baby Boomers For many years, millennials annoyed me.  Looking back, all the way to high school really. I didn’t know the name of the generation (MY generation) … Continue reading

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“Trump Earth Day Statement an Orwellian Disaster” – (David Pakman Show)

While I understand the sentiment, I can’t help but to think there is some honesty in this speech on the part of Trump. Ironically. Most world leaders (people, really) celebrate Earth day, shut off lights for a whole hour, whatever. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Lied To A Child About Whether His Dead Atheist Father Was In Heaven – (Patheos)

Today we’re looking at an article that made me raise an eyebrow because of its implications. It was written and published by Hemant Mehta on his Friendly Atheist platform on Patheos, April 18th, 2018. Note that the article is using … Continue reading

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“​7 Short-Term AI Ethics Questions” – (Medium)

It’s been awhile since I delved into this interesting and ever more commonly discussed topic so I will go through this article I recently came across on Twitter. Written by Orlando Torres and published by Towards Data Science, which seems … Continue reading

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