About me:
I get asked that question all the time by websites, and like this time, I usually do not know what to say. But I will try . . .

First, I work in the retail sector, at a grocery store, stocking shelves and running all over the store getting people their demands. I’ve been in customer service for my whole career thus far, both in a fast food restaurant and as a cashier for a gas bar. On account of this, I do not have a high opinion of humanity (as many of my posts will illustrate).

Some things I enjoy are alone time, used for either contributing to my fiction or (more often than not, I admit) chattering and sharing material with my many friends from all over the world in the facebook and twitter world. I enjoy campfires, and comedy in its many forms.

Some of my favorite shows:

American Dad (Roger is my favorite animated character  after Eric Cartman lol)

Family Guy (The first seasons anyway)

King of the Hill (it’s not as good as the above 2, but it has its share of moments)

The Simpsons (They are just as great as their initial seasons)

Revenge (it’s a guilty pleasure)

Desperate Housewives (another guilty pleasure)

South Park (Intelligent with just the right amount of crazy. LOVE it!)

Real Time With Bill Maher/Religulous/Anything with Bill Maher (His Friday night shows to cap off the week nicely)

Corner Gas (one of the few modern comedy shows I actually find funny. There’s a reason they don’t need laugh track that most use today)

. . . and a great number of other shows, movies, and comedians (Hello George Carlin!).

Some of the foods I enjoy are mandarin oranges (such a shame there only out once a year!), Egg Nog (or the new invention for folks alike me, Soy Nog!), and a good steak.

I am a varied person in many ways. Its hard to write it all out in a blank box. But if you read my posts a bit, you will learn more :).

15 Responses to About

  1. sianmann says:

    Something tells me I am going to thoroughly enjoy this blog! Look forward to reading some of your future rants, particularly on your hatred of people, I tend to have that feeling towards them as well haha

    All the best (:


  2. mbman says:

    Hopefully I won’t disappoint lol.

    I originally started this blog just as a place I could semi-anonymously spill my thoughts that I couldn’t really elsewhere (facebook, twitter), without a care as to wether any one read (let alone liked) any of it.

    Getting likes, and follows, it just a bonus πŸ™‚


  3. Busier doesn’t necessarily mean better. Like the Carmen pic btw, I am a Blanetoligist!


  4. You did not ask but I will say it. When I click your name it takes me to your about page. When I click your banner it takes me to your about page… heh. that is a bit redundant. I would suggest pointing your name straight to your homepage with your articles. If someone sees something they like THEN they will click your about. Just a suggestion.


  5. mike says:

    thank you for commenting on my blog. if you have any tips for me to make my omer a better blog, please don’t hesitate. I’m following now


    • mbman says:


      I guess , just write what comes natural. Thats how much of my stuff is born. Sometimes the posts are meandering and all over the place, but thats how my mind “flows”. So I embrace it.


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