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What Does It Mean To Be Sucessful?

In the progress of one of the most mundane aspects of my job (and really, the most mundane task of any assigned to me over my career as an unskilled laborer in the past 12 years), facing the product in … Continue reading

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‘Guilty on All Counts!’: “In Historic Victory, Monsanto Ordered To Pay $289 Million In Roundup Cancer Lawsuit” – (Common Dreams)

Just in today, I may have fallen on the wrong side of this issue. Sometime around 2015, the topic of GMO’s, pesticides and all things big biotech and big organic came onto my radar. This stuff came to be there … Continue reading

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“Autonomous Vehicles Might Drive Cities to Financial Ruin” – (Wired)

In a recent post exploring the rise of AI and the dramatic effects, it will have on contemporary society as we know it, one of the issues it (I) covered was the soon to arrive issue of unemployment on a … Continue reading

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“How Tech Companies Conquered America‚Äôs Cities” – (The New York Times)

A good followup to yesterdays piece exploring future tech seems to be present tech. How the innovations of today are being deployed against the once formidable structures of local political influence. Part of my interest in this article comes from … Continue reading

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Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence – An Exploration

Today’s topic has been on the backburner since April when I came across the top 9 ethical issues in artificial intelligence as explored by The World Economic Forum. It seem’s that I can’t log into any platform without coming across … Continue reading

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“Comprehensive Animal Protein Study Compares Environmental Impacts” – (Ecowatch)

Interesting timing on the part of the publication of this article. During this past weekend, a vegan co-worker of mine made an attempt to essentially sell the lifestyle to me. I don’t recall exactly how this conversation started, but either … Continue reading

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“Tesla’s Giant Australian Battery Saved Consumers $35 Million In Four Months” – (Ecowatch)

Today we will be analyzing another Ecowatch piece. This time, however, the issue is not solely (or mainly) based on the source or the presentation of the information as published. The problem is more in a macro issue surrounding the … Continue reading

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