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“Is This Nuclear Plant To Blame For Soaring Thyroid Cancer Rates In New York?” – (Ecowatch)

I came across this article rather alarming headline today. I figure it deserves some attention. So here goes. In the late 1970s, the rate of new thyroid cancer cases in four counties just north of New York City—Westchester, Rockland, Orange … Continue reading

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Freedom. It’s a word that we are all too familiar with now. Libertarians & Conservatives talk endlessly about defending it, despite Liberals generally being more committed to the cause overall. It is a word, but it really is a whole … Continue reading

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True Online Free Speech – Impossible?

Part 1 Freedom of Speech. The favored ideological cash cow of the past few years.  For a topic that generates so much noise, very little is of actual substance. Though I suppose that could be said for many dialogues in … Continue reading

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Decimated Puerto Rico – Corporate Cash Grab?

First off, yes. The title needs some clarification. While recent events more than likely come to mind for most of us now, the reality is that Puerto Rico has been in dire straights for decades. The nation-state equivalent of an … Continue reading

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Poppy Madness

It’s that time of year once more. Chronologically speaking, it is Halloween.  However,  I am referring to a time period that is more applicable to my personal universe. In a nutshell, due to various circumstances of the life in which … Continue reading

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“Post-Atheism: There’s No God, Let’s Move On” – (Patheos)

Recently (in the past day or so in fact) I have come across 2 articles about our world Post-Atheism. I think a better description would be Post New Atheism. Either way, back in the early 200o (post 9/11), the combination of both … Continue reading

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The Dawkins Scale

It has been awhile since I last broached this topic. But in these days of turbulence and super chaotic news cycles, a softball is a nice distraction. So here goes. The Dawkins Scale. Despite having heard this scale referred to … Continue reading

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