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The Cobain Case

These last few years have been quite the roller coaster, intellectually. Not something I haven’t said before. But it nicely applies here, since this intellectual growth has come to touch on pretty much every single thing that I have ever … Continue reading

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“How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities” – (The New York Times)

A good followup to yesterdays piece exploring future tech seems to be present tech. How the innovations of today are being deployed against the once formidable structures of local political influence. Part of my interest in this article comes from … Continue reading

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The Latest Accusee Of #MeTo – Hedley ?!

It’s strange, the fact that I am referencing Hedley in this post, and on this blog. The days of this group having any relevance to my life have LONG since past. I liked some songs off of the first album … Continue reading

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What Is The European Brotherhood? – Fascism And White Nationalism Revisited

It’s been several years since a fateful encounter with 4 stickers on a pole in the parking lot of my employer alerted me to the ongoing and ever-present rabbit hole that is the brotherhood of Europeans, and otherwise white nationalism. … Continue reading

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Poppy Madness

It’s that time of year once more. Chronologically speaking, it is Halloween.  However,  I am referring to a time period that is more applicable to my personal universe. In a nutshell, due to various circumstances of the life in which … Continue reading

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Should White Men Be Allowed To Vote? 

Yes, I did just ask that question. Though its not a question I take seriously for reasons that should be obvious, a recent article has forced the question onto my radar due to being given credibility by a fairly mainstream … Continue reading

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The Confederate Flag

The confederate flag has been in the news quite a bit lately, propelled by the recent shooting of 8 black worshipers at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, North Carolina.  A horrendous act of aggression brought on by an extremely racist … Continue reading

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