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Discrimination By The Canadian Museum For Human Rights

Yes, you did read the title correctly. Located in Winnipeg, this monstrosity is meant to be a celebration of how far humanity has come in terms of the subject of human rights. This explaination direct from the museums website will … Continue reading

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Patriotism In Todays World

In the last couple of weeks or so, the topic of “patriotism” has been popping up in my cities 2 main web forums. A week or so ago, it was started as a complaint post about people not removing headgear … Continue reading

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Vince Li – A Rant

Time for a rant on events close to home. Back in 2008 here in my home province of Manitoba, 22 year old Tim Maclean was stabbed to death, among other horrific acts to has post mortem body (check THIS ) … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau To Remove Liberal Party Sentaors From Party Caucus In a move that came out of seemingly nowhere, Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau has pledged to remove all of his parties senators from the party caucus, and force them … Continue reading

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A Winter Without Heat – What Would You Do? When it comes to emergency preparedness, I had come up with a fairly good game plan last year. And it was good, the only problem being that I didn’t stick to … Continue reading

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Brandon/Souris By-Election

Its the 14th of November, meaning that the bi-election to replace my areas acting MP is but a little over 2 weeks away, on the 25th (exactly a month before Christmas! Great timing). In filling the position, we will have … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

Today is November 11th, which is Veterans Day for those in the US, and Remembrance Day for those here in Canada. A day that, we are supposed to put aside an hour or 2, to respect the past and present … Continue reading

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