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“‘Marijuana Is The New Oxycontin: Should We Be Concerned With How Docs Are Learning About Pot?” – (Global News)

The first reason why I decided to take on this article was obviously, the title. It might just be meant as click bait. But it REALLY rubs me the wrong way. As does a lot of what is contained in … Continue reading

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“Legal Medical Marijuana Leads To Big Drop In Opioid-Related Hospital Visits: Study” – (Global News) If your reaction to the headline was “Well, DUH!”, you are not alone. But one must remember that while it is obvious for us that know even a LITTLE about the herb / drug in question, there are still … Continue reading

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Toxicological Purest’s – I Respect Your Position, But Get Off The High Horse

First off, some clarification. The term “toxicological purest” is a reference to anyone that has not ever used any drugs or other intoxicants. I could not think of any simple term to describe such a person, so I went with … Continue reading

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Harper : “Marijuana Infinitely Worse Than Tobacco, Should Be Discouraged” So it is election season. Though the American election is getting the most coverage world wide, things are starting to heat up on this side of the boarder as well. Election day for us Canadians is October 19th, about … Continue reading

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Fox News On Pot

This seems a fitting follow up post to yesterdays 4/20 piece. I had about the same reaction as Kyle (commenter) did lol.

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420 – A Marijuana Post

Its that time of year once more. Its Hitler’s birthday! Just kidding. Its a day where stoners everywhere celebrate their herb and the culture surrounding it, by smoking it to excess. Sometimes (often times?) even in public (if they happen … Continue reading

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Study: Suicide Rates Fell In States Where Medical Marijuana Is Legal

Originally posted on CBS Seattle:
OLYMPIA, Wash. (CBS Seattle/AP) – A recently conducted study indicates a relationship between decreasing suicide rates and the legalization of medical marijuana in some states. Researchers from the University of Colorado-Denver, Montana State University and San…

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